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Published: 1 February 2007
We owe it to Iraq to send medical supplies

Peace campaigner Nicholas Wood on how the war in Iraq can threaten your sanity

BRITAIN is party to allowing innocent babies to die for want of an oxygen mask costing 95p while our Defence Secretary Des... > more
Fight to keep our housing costs down
> more
spacerspacer Letters
They have had time to fix pool problem
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Asbos are not the pancacea for crime
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Strict guidelines on housing clearances
> more
If it ain’t broke, why try to fix it?

POLITICAL bullying is taking place at the Town Hall. In the sights of politicians are the elderly and the weak who are thought to carry little clout.
Those who fashion Town Hall policy – the leaders of the Lib Dems and Tories – have been working behind the scenes for months on a scheme that would see... > more

MEALS-on-wheels price hike will be a devastating blow to elderly - IT was disappointing you did not find space in last week’s paper for the passionate plea... > more

Dalby Street road closure will cause traffic chaos
- THE claim (Dalby Street debate fires up again, Jan 25.) that another public consultation over changes... > more

Decision to close play centre was not taken lightly - READERS will not have had the full story on the proposed closure of Kilburn Grange Play Project ... > more

Transport priorities - WE read with interest your article concerning bus stops on West End Lane, and their distance from West Hampstead Tube station ... > more

It’s time they listened to us - CAMDEN Council’s environment committee refuses to put traffic schemes out for public consultation on cost grounds, relies on... > more

Cross over Cross River proposals - I RECIEVED a Cross River Tram Public Consultation pack over Christmas and managed to open it after New Year ... > more

High time for Thames - I HAVE lived for years with Thames Water renewing water mains in Kentish Town, making a mess and staying for ages. I was pleased ...> more

Square disgrace - I SEE there’s another lesson that the new regime at the Town Hall hasn’t learned.They still have this irrational, self-defeating ... > more

Bizarre logic applied to Marc Bolan plaque - I HAVE read with interest the correspondence concerning English Heritage’s ruling that Marc ... > more

British ‘racism’ -
I WAS interested to read the interview with Dr Jonathan Miller (‘Watch Big Brother to see we’re a lousy lot’, Jan 25) in which the opening... > more

Thanks for your replies -
I READ with interest the responses to my query of the Rule Britannia song (Britannia is for freedom, Jan 25). I would like to say thanks... > more

Save our small shops -
I READ with dismay in the CNJ that the tiny corner hardware shop in Swain’s Lane which I have supported for 40 years is finally succumbing... > more

Hacker’s Guardian -
I try to read your columnist Rose Hacker, even though her views are to the left of mine. So when the Guardian (Jan 27) profiled the ... > more

Renewable energy must be used more - LAST week I went to see the exhibition on the draft planning brief for the Camden Town Underground Station Site at ... >more

Cuts at the Whittington to save £11m -
ANYONE walking along McDonald Road in Archway cannot help but notice the vast changes that have taken ... > more

It was right to question one-way plan -
EX-Belsize councillor Jonny Bucknell writes from somewhere a long way south of Belsize that I have been ignoring ... > more

We must all support Holocaust day - AS a British Muslim and co-founder of the Anne Frank pledge for a better world in 1998, the pledge was signed ... > more

Budget is mean and thoughtless - I WRITE to protest against the Tory/Lib Dems council leadership and their decision to introduce a mean and thoughtless.. > more

Tories do not run Camden - I WAS most bemused by Cllr Chris Philp’s letter in last weeks Camden New Journal (Freeze the council tax please Mayor Ken) ... > more

Youth organisation in peril - HOW ironic that following the introduction of a book of grievances supporting and highlighting the need for investment ... > more

Protect pupils from pollution - CAMDEN Council’s complacent comparisons with nitrogen oxide levels in other road side locations are misleading and ... > more

Well done cops and council - ON Saturday last a small disaster was averted by the by the prompt action of local residents, Camdens Building Control Team...> more
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