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West End Extra - The Xtra Diary
Published: 4 December 2009
Antony Gormley’s terracotta army at Earth: Art of a changing world
Terracotta army turn green for eco summit

SCULPTOR Antony Gormley’s passion for the fight against climate change remains undiminished ahead of the Copenhagen summit next week.
“We’ve got to main tain the commit ment to 50 per cent reduction by 2050... >more
Xtra Diary
Certain postcodes green with envy
> more
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Colin Smith of Hampstead Art Auctions with the portrait of Humphrey Lyttelton
Portrait of jazz legend up for grabs
> more
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Santas take to the West End streets in the build-up to Christmas
Santas in fast lane with a traffic-free day for shoppers
> more
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Art in Hyde Park: Steven Chambers helping to promote the work of MFPA
Success on the cards for artist
> more
Game for a political battle - THESE days you’re more likely to find David Rowntree in a sober shade of grey than banging the drums in a serotonin-induced sweat. >more

Moon landing... Goddess in Chinatown
SIZZLING satay sticks! Chinatown celebrated its mid-autumn festival this week with a spread of food sumptuous enough to...>more

Positive steps for mental health
FOR some of the more socially awkward out there, the prospect of dancing in a shadowy nightclub let alone under the glare of ...>more

Something snapped?
THROWING photographs on the fire is usually the last resort of the lovelorn. But, as we know, artistic types can be prone to the occasional ...>more

Footballing Field puts FA academy efforts on the spot
- MARK Field has got football on the brain. A few weeks back the Conservative MP and Bury fan ...>more

Such a monstrous attack on Hazlitt - THAT old devil of a writer and historian, Paul Johnson, who is 82, slyly cocked his bushy eyebrows and with a faint... > more

From Brazil to Brunel - THE dank stairwells of Westbourne Green's Brunel estate are a world away from sun scorched Copacabana beach. But one man unfazed ...>more

John and Yoko, the family-friendly snapshot
NO stone was left unturned in Diary’s hunt for that picture of John and Yoko. If you read our story ...>more

Teddy’s bears: when senator visited zoo
- MUCH ink has been spilled on the veteran US Senator Edward Kennedy, since his death at the age of 77 last week. >more

The road beyond snapshots - THINK of Westminster and you think of Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. > more

Stout’s out in Covent Garden - TARA Stout is at it again.
The former television reporter, who is now homeless after four stints in...>more

Bright ideas ‘Drawing with light’
STUNNING light graffiti photography has lit up major landmarks in the West End. The images were taken over the weekend ...>more

Battler on the end of the line
IT’S strange that although I never actually met Ian Wilder I feel as if I knew the inner man. I began to get to know him two or three ...>more

Younger set go for club scene
EMPIRE and elitism are two timeless staples of the gentleman’s club. But now it’s time to step aside gin-soaked colonels ...>more

Out of puff... Keeping up with Cyrus
DIARY ventured out early on Sunday morning for a spot of vicarious fitness work on Westminster Bridge, watching the athletic ...>more

Celebrating Seven Dials’ return
MEMBERS of the Seven Dials Trust who helped restore the Covent Garden landmark by the same name to pride of place 20 years...>more

A gig? What a drag! Film and show from Bi, 99 -
IF you’re going to bill yourself as the oldest singer on the planet you better have your birth certificate within easy reach. >more

Gormley’s gang to get more than 15 minutes -
A MAN who wants to pedal his pink folding bicycle, a woman dressed in a catsuit and a naked glass blower ...>more

And Lord’s said, ‘Let there be some light relief!’
WHAT better way to spend a summer’s evening then snoozing under your panama hat, listening to the gentle ...>more

Lilywhite manifesto of MP with no ‘additional’ claims
- DOES Diary detect a hint of smugness from Queen’s Park stranger Karen Buck MP? > more

Gay to Z: Special walking tours on the streets of Soho - SOHO has more tabernacles of tolerance per square mile than probably anywhere else in the country... > more

The Lord Mayor’s fine pedigree - ALCOHOL and war are two ills the great grandson of Winston Churchill will be looking to avoid in his year as the new Lord Mayor... > more

Mutts be love! Marylebone’s Crufts - THERE were no heists or dodgy Italian-American accents in this dog day afternoon, as prize pooches from the four... > more

Welcome to the jungle - HALF a century after it was banned for being too lewd by the Mary Whitehouse brigade, West End Jungle is coming back to our screens... > more

Fab flaw: Barry’s Beatles portrait re-touched for show - I ALMOST felt like trying to stop Barry Fantoni as he began to retouch a portrait of the Beatles he had painted... > more

John Berger in frame for National crime? - JOHN Berger has given a fascinating account in this week’s New Statesman about an extraordinary run-in with a... > more

UCH's nurses in a league of their own - IT was a time when a Sister’s word was sacrosanct, they said, and marriage spelled the end of your nursing career. > more

Olivia rolls out her flower bus
- DID designers behind the new Routemaster got a little carried away after a few tokes on the peace pipe? Not quite! The flower-power... > more

Try the working-class samba from Rio - We all know Brazilians have got rhythm, but you probably haven’t seen it like this before. A new kind of dancing has emerged... > more

New plaque in honour of ‘The Few’ - If you paid attention in history class you’d know that in the summer of 1940, 2,936 pilots took to the sky to fight the German... > more

Victoria celebrates its 150th - FOR most people, Victoria Station is an unremarkable place. At a push it’s an architectural curiosity in an otherwise dour area, but for... > more

Men on a mission: dance theatre to explore masculinity - THE male psyche goes under the microscope at a new show next week. If you believe some people... > more

Cartoonists weigh in against PM - A dour Scot with Stalinist tendencies or a political heavyweight saving the world from economic meltdown. What you think of... > more

Sold, to the macabre gentleman
- A DESK belonging to the late Lord Lucan is to be sold at auction. > more

Marylebone is the latest home for ‘village’ people - THAT'S’s wrong with plain old Marylebone, Diary asks? This week marked the arrival of the latest... > more

It’s an ironic twist as councillors join parade -
WESTMINSTER has earned a reputation among some residents as a local authority that likes to pick pockets... > more

Explosive send-off for a stellar film critic -
ON what would have been his 73rd birthday in November, our late film critic William Hall had his final wish granted. > more

Perfect timing: For donkey aid -
DONKEYS are in high demand at this festive time of year. But that did not stop Cedric breaking his busy nativity schedule and... > more

Cafe to go under hammer -
A PLAYGROUND for the rich and famous, the Café Royal has been a hub of glamour and scandal for decades. Some of the most celebrated... > more

Mark’s blueprint for the Beeb
- IN the wake of the Jonathan Ross/ Russell Brand row, Mark Field has piled into the BBC with his own blueprint for a remodelled Beeb. > more

Top brass are on their way to Ronnie Scott
RONNIE Scott’s will be hosting the cream of the capital’s jazz scene as part of London Jazz Festival next week. > more

Torture ‘king’ tells Moazzam that he’s sorry
- SMALL, bespectacled and very articulate, it’s hard to think of torture and Moazzam Begg in the... > more

Unlocking prisoners’ creative sides - I LEFT with a skip in my step as I walked out of the grounds of Wormwood Scrubs on Tuesday evening – despite the heavy sleet. > more

Rich imagery of the secret Mayfair - NOT just the most expensive square on the Monopoly board, Mayfair is an area full of contrasts, so says photographer... > more

City fan Field calls full-time on self-regulation in soccer
- IS Mark Field experiencing a mid-life crisis? Or has the Conservative MP for Cities of London and... > more

Mario’s 14 hours in the ‘slammer’ was no joke
OUR boys in blue did it again at Heathrow on Monday – and held a well known stand up comic in detention for... > more

Rock ’n’ roll years on the Street
CARNABY is synonymous with rock ’n’ roll.
From the Beatles to the Rolling Stones, the Sex Pistols to the Clash, the... > more

Homeless in My Heart finds Felix full of life
WITH an estimated £750 million fortune, some might imagine that Felix Dennis has it pretty good. > more

Maybe West Words is bucking the trend
WESTMINSTER City Council doesn’t make newspapers but if it did it would probably be the best... > more

Give us a Blue, the cartoonists’ choice
- THE Tory party has always lent itself
to satire. Whether it was shagging and sleaze during the Major years... > more

Set sale! Maps up for auction
- FROM Long John Silver and his band of buccaneers to Christopher Columbus, Captain Cook and their boatloads of disciples, the map... > more

Pimlico’s war in pictures
EVERY Tuesday a group of ladies from Pimlico meet up for three hours to reminisce about life during the Second World War. > more

Bradley’s in frame to set an Olympic record in Beijing
- TRIPLE Olympic gold medalist and local lad Bradley Wiggins is set to try and pedal his way into the history... > more

Pamphlet collection makes a Swift sale
IT was a leather-bound collection of the radical pamphlet The Examiner that first set Michael Foot on the trail of the Irish... > more

Honouring the Brigades heroes -
THE inscription on the side of the sculpture reads: “We came because our open eyes can see no other way.” As I stood on the... > more

Top brass of literary world - John Galsworthy, Max Arthur, Lisa Appignanesi, Deborah Moggach, Julian Evans and others - strike a blow for free speech
- I HEADED... > more

Young playwrights are ‘free and open -
WESTMINSTER'S young playwrights have seen their works performed on a West End stage. > more

007 flies in for a bite at Gay Hussar - DANIEL Craig, the world-famous star of the latest James Bond film Casino Royale, was in the town on Monday to mark the... > more

Finding Mr Right in familiar places?
WRITTEN in Soho, set in Soho, and soon to be screened in Soho, the feature film Mr Right is undoubtedly a local story. > more

Sir Terry’s birthday vision for the city
- IT’s not the usual way to celebrate your birthday, but then architect Sir Terry Farrell is not your... > more



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