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West End Extra - The XTRA DIARY
Published: 14 August 2009
 Michael Bosanko’s images near central London landmarks
One of Michael Bosanko’s images near central London landmarks
Bright ideas ‘Drawing with light’

STUNNING light graffiti photography has lit up major landmarks in the West End.
The images were taken over the weekend by Michael Bosanko, who uses long exposure and different coloured torches to “draw with light”.
“It has to be really dark to take the pictures, in order to give me as much time as possible to create each image,” Mr Bosanko said. “Street lights are a big headache as the shot immediately begins to brighten up when the lens is open so I have to work really fast.”
Anyone wanting to have their photographic efforts shown on a television commercial, between this year’s X Factor show, should visit www.talktalk.co.uk/xfactor

Tanti auguri! Soho’s Bar Italia celebrates 60th

HAPPY birthday Bar Italia – the Soho institution is 60 years old.
Antonio “Antony” Polledri, 44, has run the iconic Frith Street café since taking over from his father, Andy, in the 1970s.
It was favoured by trend-setters the “Buffalo” crew, including musician Neneh Cherry, model Nick Kamen, designer Ray Petri and singer Sade, who shot the publicity photographs for hit single Smooth Operator there. David Bowie and Harvey Keitel are among its A-list clientele; Kylie Minogue enjoys a caffè latte there whenever she is in town; and when Italy played the World Cup football final in 2006, around 8,000 people came to Soho for the party.
When the Polledris arrived in Britain from Piacenza in 1920, setting up a business in Covent Garden, they could not have imagined the success it would enjoy.
As one of London’s most stylish bars, it has received scores of buyout offers over the years but it remains fiercely independent – it even still has the original Gaggia coffee machine.
“I love that they haven’t modernised it,” says Mark Baxter, a customer and Mod veteran.
“You can feel the history as you sit down at the Formica bench and walk on the tiled floor.”
So what does the future hold for the Polledris?
“There’s a bigger Italian community in Bedford now,” Antony laments.

New law a crack at ‘nut’ Brian?

IS Brian Haw finally going to be evicted from Parliament Square?
The peace campaigner has been protesting against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for eight years.
Now, the government has announced its proposed changes to the laws controlling protest around parliament, known as the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (Socpa).
The changes written into the Public Order Act next month include new measures curbing the “maximum duration” of a protest. When Socpa was first introduced, David ­Blunkett famously went on record saying the ­government needed a “sledgehammer to crack a nut, but he is a nut”.

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