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Published: 21 August 2009
‘Bag Lady’: Homeless, Tara takes to the streets with her chic underwear
‘Bag Lady’: Homeless, Tara takes to the streets with her chic underwear
Stout’s out in Covent Garden

TARA Stout is at it again.
The former television reporter, who is now homeless after four stints in prison, a long-running feud with her millionaire porn baron landlord and a year-long hideout in Marbella, has launched what she is calling “homeless chic” – a new line of cardboard underwear.
No stranger to controversy,
Ms Stout paraded her wares in Covent Garden this week and, as is often the case, it wasn’t long before she was asked to put some clothes on.
“The streets are literally paved in cardboard and I thought it was better to do something with it rather than feel sorry for myself,” she told a rather flustered Diary, following the flesh-baring commotion.
“I got into making underwear when I was in prison.
“I’m not sure if it sells or if it’s art, but I think it’s a good way of getting a message across.
“Not all homeless people are miserable and useless,” she said.

From St John’s Wood to…

THE West End Extra – read in Marylebone, St John’s Wood and… Somalia.
Diary recently returned from a trip to the troubled country and was surprised to see paid-up members of what can only be described as a threadbare police force, putting down their AK47s to pore over our esteemed organ.
They didn’t see the news value of “Blitz bones” though. “Why would you want to write about bones? They are everywhere,” said Abdu-Karim, who managed to find an imaginative use for the paper.
Should you find yourself in Somalia keep an eye out for West End Extra wallpaper – a handy way to cover up bullet holes..

Short shortlist delight

AN aspiring young film director from Westminster has been shortlisted for a prestigious media award for his short about a farmer fighting to save the woman he loves from a jealous outsider.
Regan Hall, 32, fought off competition from around 2,000 entrants and will now see his film, which was shot in a studio in under a day, showcased to millions of people.
The Virgin Media Shorts award will be judged by a panel of heavy hitters including Kevin Spacey, Bond girl Gemma Arterton and Bafta-winner Noel Clarke for the Virgin Media Shorts award.
Mr Hall said: “There were loads of creative, funny and dramatic films submitted this year, so I’m proud to be in the top 12.
“Being shortlisted for the awards could give me a foot in the door to the UK film industry.
“Plus my film will play in cinemas all over the country – brilliant”.

Pom pom news: Georgie leads cheers~

CHEERLEADING has never really taken off in the UK.
Perhaps it’s something to do with the uneasy feeling that it’s little more than a regulated popularity contest with a touch of frat-pack tarnish, but that’s all set to change as a new programme of classes are launched in Hyde Park to give the “sport” a more British feel.
Leading the cheers will be none other than Sky Sports News presenter and part-time pom-pom girl Georgie Thompson
She will be trying to encourage a whole new group of people to take it up as a way to keep fit and lose weight.
The classes run from August 26 to October 7 and start at £15 per session. For details visit iamsuperchick.com

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