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Published: 3 December 2009
Chicken and ginger soup – perfect if you’re feeling under the weather
Thyme to stock up on some super de-tox soups

With Christmas round the corner, Clare Latimer says prepare yourself for the seasonal over-indulgence with these healthy recipes

WELL, we’ve reached December already and I don’t even feel that I have had a summer!
With all the eating that...> more



Katana Restaurant
Katana, London WC2
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The Rock Garden
The Rock Garden, London, WC2
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Fire and Stone
Fire & Stone, London, WC2
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Bank Aldwych Restaurant
Bank Aldwych, London, WC2
Celeriac makes a smooth and creamy soup
The celebrity of celeriac and a niche for quiche

Clare Latimer offers some suggestions for making the most of the goodness from winter vegetables with hot comforting meals

IF I were a winter vegetable, I would certainly be a carrot or celeriac so that I could be tucked up in the soil or maybe just ...> more


Time to take your pick of soft fruit before it’s too late - Get your orders in quick for soft fruit this year – demand is sky high, and nurseries are running out of stock. >more

Kicking off your winter with the beautiful game - Two things set me off on a game tack this week. The first being Marion, a regular in our shop who is always ...>more

Don’t potterthere’s still plenty of work to do before winter sets in - WHY fool ourselves? It’s turned nippy, and Oxford Street has gone bonkers for Christmas. >more

A Sunday night laugh sets you up for the week ahead
- ON Sunday evening, I took my god­daughter to the Comedy Store, just off Leicester Square, to watch...>more

When it comes to the crunch, English is the apple of our eye -
ENGLISH apples deserve better. For far too long, we’ve been reaching for imported fruit on shop shelves. >more

Icing on the cake will bowl them over this Christmas
- YOU will probably not like the fact that I am writing about Christmas already, but with half-term now over...>more

Tea at Number 10 – these would take the biscuit
Clare Latimer passes round a jar of homemade chocolate cookies that should help the Prime Minister decide ...>more

The treasured chestnut hoard
I WENT for a walk in a west London park the other day and was amazed how many plump chestnuts were lying on the ground ...>more

Straight to the intoxicating heart of the West Indies
- IF you ask any West Indian which rum is best, they would undoubtedly reply a brand from their respective ...>more

Many happy returns to Hall
I WAS given the most wonderful present for my birthday recently of three days at a health spa up near Leicester. >more

Always rising to the occasion - I WENT to Ireland last weekend for a birthday party and hoped that when I left home I could totally relax. Well, Ryan Air put paid to that. >more

The autumn night porter - I went to the Sandringham Show in Norfolk a few weeks ago and came across a company called Grain who brew the most fabulous beers. >more

Apples falling out of favour?
I JUST can’t get my head around why at this time of year, when there are more apples on the trees than we have had in years, the ...>more

Tomatoes make for vine dining
TOMATOES come in all sizes, shapes and colours. There is even one called Jack Hawkins, and for those of you old enough...>more

Health benefits to beetroot to -
THE beetroots in my garden are now perfect. So many people just eat pickled beetroots but there are many alternatives. >more

To help us out of a sticky situation -
I HAVE been hearing that so many people this year are making jam again and that is one good thing to come out of... > more

If weather doesn’t burst our bubbly
IT is not often that I am sent recipes that I like enough to put on this page but the three below came from a company...>more

Deserving of ‘shelf diversity’ award
MEETING the diverse and often contradictory requirements of demanding shoppers can’t be easy. > more

You won’t need fries with these!
BURGERS are one of the most popular takeaway lunches that we do in our shop and only recently have we started doing all ...>more

I’ll have that with cheese please! -
I HAVE just been up to Edinburgh for an 80th birthday, staying in a bat-protected house. Some highlights: bats on the bathroom ...>more

Stay home and go on holiday
- THEY say that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world and this time of year lends beautifully to the theory, with... > more

Time to respect your elders! - I was walking my dog round the edge of a field in the country last week and huge white clusters caught my eye.>more

Rich food at no great expense -
What with all the shenanigans going on with our honourable members in the Houses of Parliament and the tall stories that are ...>more

Why visit Tresco? Scilly question! -
ON the idyllic island of Tresco there is only one shop and certainly no cars or traffic lights. You are met off ...>more

Delights of a dessert Ireland -
EVERY year at this time a bunch of us go to one of the most beautiful places in the world – Delphi Lodge at Leenane on the ...>more

Scones and sponges – the crème de la crème -
AS the weather warms up and the days lengthen, the mind is filled with pleasant thoughts of balmy days to come. >more

Marscapone umasked
- MASCARPONE is an Italian cheese and very underused in my view. It has a very rich and creamy taste and is perfect for adding to ...>more

Top asparagus tips for spring -
MAY has to be one of the most exciting months of the year with the long evenings, the trees at their greenest, flowers opening ...>more

Peas and love – the secret of happiness
FOR the greedy gardener, growing peas is dangerous – it’s impossible to resist gobbling their delicate young shoots. >more

Wartime dish in a blitz on costs -
I HAVE a lovely reader in Belsize Grove who encourages me and writes to give me ideas. She has asked if I could ...>more

How to get the better of molluscs -
KNOW your enemy, says the proverb, and it’s top advice for dealing with slugs and snails, the dreaded garden pests.>more

How now brown cow?
LAST week I watched a superb programme on the history of milk in this country (first of a four-part series – Mud, Sweat and Tractors...>more

Rocket Gardens’ box of delights -
ROCKET Gardens are going to change my life and my business. This great company, started by Mike Kitchen and a fabulously ...>more

Grow your own perfect salad days -
IF you grow one crop this year, it’s got to be salad. Not those pointless Iceberg lettuces. I mean the zingy, interesting stuff ...>more

Seed of an idea for the Olympics
A FEW weeks ago, I cycled down to Somers Town for a meeting for Capital Growth, the new campaign to create... > more

Here’s to a very sunny Easter...
- EASTER is upon us. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for good weather as this really does kick us all off to a happy start... > more

Expert advice: It’s OK to cheat! - GROW food, not flowers – that’s my motto. Why bother with roses when you could grow herbs or chillies? > more

A feast of Cornish Yarg cheese Fast food for a last-minute meal
- What do you cook when a large group of friends turn up at your door?... > more

Food for thought after the Old Vic
I HAVE always loved the Old Vic theatre due to its personal touch and the fact that you can park right outside... > more

Heavenly aroma of ‘home’ cooking
A FORMER William Ellis schoolboy’s passion for cooking has paid off now that he’s the proud owner of one of... > more

Make casserole 'til the sun shines! - THE days are getting longer and, hopefully, will soon be getting warmer, but until the clocks go forward I still think comforting... > more

A fine taste of the local life -
GOOD for Sadie Frost for publicly pointing out the importance of buying locally in these times of cutbacks (February 26). > more

Culinary roads lead to Rome
MY cousin Charles Cavendish has tapped the toes of 90 and as long as he feels needed he is happy to go on living. > more

Pancakes are flippin’ great!
- I’M not quite sure why, but I love making perfect, thin pancakes. > more

Spread a little breakfast cheer - IN my mind marmalade is the epitome of breakfast through- out the whole year, so, while the days are dark, cold and dull, what... > more

Why not take it slow and easy? - I HAVE almost ground to a halt this month what with the dark evenings and fairly dark days as well. I know four people in their nineties... > more

You can’t beat a French classic - I AM sure that most of you by now know that Jean Christophe Slowik, known to all locals as jc, opened a gem of a restaurant... > more

Hot tips to beat financial gloom - WELL, here we are again at the start of a new year, with all those “fresh start” feelings. One thing I’m sure about is I’m glad Gordon... > more

What sauce for the goose?- AS this newspaper has a great website with all my past recipes, I have decided not to write about cooking turkey or goose as they can... > more

You can have your cake and eat it! - UNBELIEVABLY, having just gone to a funeral in Cornwall, I then had to jump straight on a train to Scotland... > more

A hollow centre, filled with food - LAST week I braved going to see the new Westfield shopping centre. The best description I can come up with is it is like being in... > more

Treats in memory of my ‘Cornish mum’
Tragically, my “Cornish mum” Patricia Munro died suddenly last week and, as she was the one who started me on the... > more

Get back to a comfort zone
I am sure you are aware that I lean heavily towards traditional recipes for everyday fare in this column, as opposed to trendy... > more

Tails of the unexpected? THERE seem to be many articles about cooking squirrel – and I can’t be left out! There certainly are far too many squirrels around... > more

Halloween recipes
- HALLOWEEN weekend and long dark evenings. The winter is now truly upon us. Nature is curling back into its self for a few months and that... > more

Supper date in historic style - The best kept secret is now out. Many of you will have heard of Burgh House, the stunning Queen Anne house in New End... > more

Ace in the Hole for British Food Fortnight
- WE are right in the middle of British Food Fortnight so I felt that I should write about truly home-grown produce. > more

The veal truth about the lives of our calves - I KNOW that a great many of you hate me writing about veal but some new facts have just come up and they need to... > more

Summer rain clouds bring a berry nice bonus - I HAVE just got back from a few weeks in Cornwall and in the last few days I have noticed that the hedges are glistening... > more

Make haste while the sun shines – have a picnic! - I AM amazed by how many people pour onto Primrose Hill on a fine day and how well... > more

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