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Published: 16 July 2009
Blow whistle on tower fire risks

After Camberwell Sunand Prasad argues that high-rise blocks are not inherently dangerous – poor design and
management make them so

THE preliminary findings of the report into the circumstances behind the fire in a block of flats in Camberwell, south London... > more
More free concerts please – it’s what the bandstand’s for
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Station upgrade was not stopped by businesses
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Robust action necessary on council homes sell-off
> more
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The ups and downs of scaffolding
> more
Our millions mismanaged and they want to keep it secret

IN an astonishing turn of events, an internecine war has broken out among the various public organisations responsible for a large Victorian building in Camden Town known as Arlington House.
It was once called Rowton House, way back at the beginning of... > more

No consultation on caretaking
- IN the June round of District Management Committees (DMCs) a question was raised about the caretaking service... > more

Facts about programme to improve housing
- WE are sure you will want your readers to know the facts about the Decent Homes programme to... > more

Lobbying the government is no answer
- PETER Wright (Letters July 9) raises some important points about administration costs in Camden’s... > more

Hampstead against BNP
- I WAS disgusted by comments made by BNP leader, Nick Griffin earlier this week, when he suggested that immigrants to the... > more

Just consider cyclists
- AS a cyclist who takes extra care when pedestrians are using the towpath ahead of me it annoys me when I see other cyclists... > more

Good news on primary school places
- AT last some good news on primary school places in the Belsize area. > more

Need for two or three additional forms of entry
- LINDA Grove misrepresented my comments in her letter (Schools crisis is no one-off, July 9). > more

Who’s to blame for decline of Arlington House?
- I WORKED at Arlington House for 10 years and when I arrived in the early 1990s it was the biggest... > more

Grieving for troops’ families
- I AM 83 years old. In World War Two the man who was to become my husband had a below-knee amputation in Italy... > more

Not fit for purpose
- AS soon as I read (Camden gets its first public outdoor gyms, July 9), I dashed round to my local park give it a go. > more

Simple interest
- “A CHANGE is as bad as a tragedy in the making” says the headline (July 9) over the letter about sports funding from Simon... > more

Privatising health
- I NOTE there is a public meeting tonight (July 16) to again protest the privatisation of doctors’ surgeries in Camden at which... > more

Brockway legacy
- I WAS gratified to read John Gulliver’s “Blair meddling in the legacy of Brockway” (July 9). What an insult to the memory of that great... > more

PR gesture
- I HAVE noticed the flags put on lampposts by the Council telling us to support our local shops. > more

The fight goes on
- THERE are 17,000 plus on the housing list and I know there are currently 564 families occupying one-bedroom flats who... > more

Revisiting urban myths
- ONCE again on the issue of council housing, rather than aiming to start an informed debate, the New Journal has simply stoked... > more


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