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Royal Free Hospital
Is it efficiency or just cuts?

It’s not about hiring and firing hospital staff, says hospital chief Andrew Way, it’s about improving services

ARE you fed up with hearing about efficiency savings and wonder if they’re really just cuts in disguise?
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Animal Farm

No pig masks on O'Byrne's farm
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On the brink of greatness
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Sarah Jessica Parker

Snappy screwball comedy
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COMMENT & Letters to the Editor
How the NHS is flatlining

ANDREW Way mounts, at first glance, a reasoned case setting out how he intends to deal with the enormous deficit facing the Royal Free Hospital.
But when dealing with the almost seismic changes now in store for the staff at the Free, he can be accused of leaning too heavily on the side of spin. > more

Kenwood is not a venue for concerts - INCREASING commercialisation is threatening the Kenwood landscape. Concerts have taken place at Kenwood for many... > more

Beware the vets who don't care - OVER the past year we have had a miserable experience with a veterinary practice. > more

The solution to the NHS crisis is to sack the useless managers - AS a junior doctor who works locally and who trained at The Royal Free Hospital I read with... > more

Muslims are able to think for themselves - I WAS outraged but not surprised by the letter from hopeful Lib Dem Omar Farooque Ansari (Labour lets down loyal... > more

Lib Dems will do anything - I WAS most amused to read Theo Blackwell’s letter regarding Lib Dem letter writer Paul Braithwaite (Future generations need to enjoy... > more

Greens are a threat - JOHN Gulliver (The day our Tessa rebelled, March 23) tells us that online bookies expect a hung council, and that Labour in Camden... > more

If council cared, it wouldn't be like this - YOU quote Labour’s Community Safety Chief for Camden (Secret plan to cut cops, March 23) complacently saying that... > more

It's a right load of old rubbish! - CONGRATULATIONS to Camden Council for finally opening the New Swiss Cottage spotts centre – only a couple of years... > more

Schools concert at Albert Hall hit all the right notes - I MUST place on record my appreciation for the wonderful concert performed every two years by... > more

Why are parents kept in the dark over swimming pool? - I HAVE a daughter at Primrose Hill School. Plans are going ahead to do work on the school which includes... > more

Bins are the least of our problems - “Rubbish” is an apt headline for the photo of “demonstrators” including two councillors, regarding unsightly bins. > more

I feel far safer in New York - I AM a frequent visitor to the UK and I usually stay in Camden. I read your story on police numbers with interest and disbelief... > more

Prime of life in the life to come - I CAN assure James Martin children do grow up in heaven (Do children grow up in heaven?, March 16). They grow to what is... > more

How much is secrecy? - AFTER reading the article about Barry Sullivan (Round ten in secret files fight, March 2) I felt that I must write to convey my anger... > more

What's in a name? Everything - If Archway Tube station is to be renamed could it not become Highgate Hill station? (We’re proud it’s called Archway, March 9). > more

Valuable service will continue - YOUR health story gives the impression that the Age Concern Camden Nail Care service is part of Well and Wise and shares... > more

Thanks for St Paddy's feast - AS a group of Irish pensioners, we would like to express our gratitude for the St Patrick’s Day Lunch organized at St Pancras... > more

George Blake's betrayal - I AM surprised your story enthusiastically advertising Michael Randle’s talk did not mention that George Blake, whose escape from... > more

Nurses who smoke should wait before resuming work - I AM not a medically-qualified person hearing about the large number of the superbug MRSA cases... > more
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