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Why we need a new school

Frank Dobson argues that parents simply want good schools close to home

THE government’s Education Bill will fragment our education system. Schools run by unelected business sponsors will compete with one another. Locally elected education authorities will have the duty to try to look after the interests of all the children in their area but they won’t have the powers to do anything about it.
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Shaking All Over                  all over

Shaking all over
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One hot Café night
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Steve Martin

Spike's banking on this
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No steady hand at the health service wheel

FIRST reaction, among many people, to the savage job losses announced this week by the Royal Free Hospital is to cast the blame on hospital’s board and its chief executive Andrew Way .
Incompetence and maladministration – these are probably the accusations many will level at the Free’s management. > more

I want apology for horror on the buses - I am a mother of two (aged five years and 10 months). On March 8, I collected my eldest son from his school in Aldwych... > more

Privatisation of Tube and the Oyster scam - In last week’s CNJ you observed in your second editorial (Solving the debt) how private companies are “taking over... > more

South End Green debacle is responsibility of the Town Hall
- I feel saddened by the lack of vision and support expressed in some of the letters in last week’s CNJ... > more

Labour lets down loyal Muslim voters - As a Muslim hoping to stand for election as a Liberal Democrat in the Camden Borough council elections on May 4... > more

Future generations need to enjoy King’s Cross too - Councillor John Thane’s sideswipe at your coverage of the King’s Cross debate is a classic case of blaming... > more

Misguided on housing - A couple of weeks ago I sent a letter to John Prescott demanding to know why the government was sitting on £283 million which had been... > more

Offices on play area? Incredible - I am sure I speak for many in deploring the destruction of the playground at Bray council estate in Adelaide Road, apparently in order... > more

Treasure literary past - Campaigners who are trying to find a suitable buyer for the Camden property in which the French poets Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud... > more

It’s not too late to protest in a thriving Belsize Village - I am happy to join the campaign launched last week in your letters pages by Alan Brownjohn and others to... > more

We need more cops to solve drug problem
- The chaos surrounding the imminent ban on the legitimate sale of legal goods termed ‘drugs paraphernalia’ is... > more

Glass action - After the expense (£40) and inconvenience of replacing my bicycle’s tires and inner tubes last week after riding through broken glass on a cycle path... > more

Pupils did us proud - As a governor of South Camden Community School, I would like to offer my congratulations to the group of students who attended a memorial... > more

Bear cheek - E H Shepard’s illustrations of Winnie-the-Pooh (Pooh could be a bit of a cross to bear, March 16) are said never to have been acknowledged by... > more

We should cash in on the Whittington connection - IN December 2004 TfL broke with convention to produce a humdinger of a timetable for the festive season with... > more

It's not bunkum, it's McCarthyism - Mr Gilbert’s letter (Jewish groups are not going for Ken, March 16) senselessly replies to Charles Pottins’s candid letter... > more

Yellow line fiasco - A recent rag that came through my mailbox extolled the virtues of the local Labour Party and, in particular, the painting of double yellow lines in... > more

New park looks wicked - I am writing to say congratulations to Camden Council for their wicked looking work at Cantelowes Gardens... > more
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