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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 8 February 2007
Help us to keep elderly in a home of their own

Cllr Martin Davies responds to the revelations in last week’s CNJ that care homes could be sold

IN the past 40 years there have been huge changes in the way we live. People are healthier, live longer and expect much more. > more
Public must have say on care homes
> more
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Baths should never have got into this state
> more
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Pet hates: Spitting, pavement cyclists
> more
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Improvements? What a joke!
> more
Hospitals competing for patients?

THE extraordinary picture appears to be emerging of hospitals competing with each other for the limited funds available – to the detriment of patient care.
This week Moorfields Eye Hospital Foundation Trust proudly announces the opening of its new £16 million eye centre for children. > more

A very silly statistic - I DON'T think I have seen a sillier statistic than the figure you report of the supposed cost of £10 for every Camden library book borrowed. > more

Just how green are they? - CAMDEN Council, make a big song and dance about how green they are. Yet the street lamp outside my flat is on 24 hours a day. > more

They treat the aged like rubbish - The treatment of pensioners by Camden Council is disgusting. Just look at the treatment I suffered on September 11, 2006 at... > more

Rationing the NHS is wrong - I WAS pleased that you have taken up the issue of ‘NHS rationing’. > more

What a terrible waste of money - LAST week a whole day was spent moving the 31 bus stop in Belsize Road (Abbey Road end) just a few hundred yards nearer... > more

Our great tradition of wrinkled tights - IT came as such a relief to read that by his own admission Dr Jonathan Miller was not going to indulge in: “false modesty”. > more

Careline takeover - IT has occurred to me that I should mention the fact that Careline – the service for sheltered housing tenants – has been taken over by a... > more

Targets flawed for Home Start - YOUR leader (If it ain’t broke why try to fix it? Feb 1) saying that the Lib-Tory pact is picking on the weak also applies to... > more

Tram route is a great idea – but not in residential street - BOTH the proponents and the opponents of the cross-river tram are right in their way, but both need to... > more

Help keep Camden Town’s character - I AM writing to urge the New Journal’s readers to respond to Camden Council’s consultation on its planning brief for the... > more

Tube CCTV was watched on Xmas day - YOUR report ‘Tube vandals: LU accused’ (January 18) is sensationalist and misleading. > more

Controls needed in house clearances - COUNCILLORS Martin Davies and Chris Naylor provide no meaningful answer to the fears arising from uncontrolled house... > more

No choice but to raise the rent - I WELCOME Paul Tomlinson’s letter outlining the government’s unhelpful funding regime, which has obliged us to raise... > more

Voters will remember financial blunders - THE Tory/Lib councillors in Camden must review the finances of the borough and realise they have misjudged the... > more

Concerns over Ken’s budget - I WOULD like to express my deep concern regarding the process for the setting of the Greater London Authority budget. > more

What a brilliant idea - ON Sunday January 28 a new meaning was given to a phrase. Camden;s Recycling Team organised Give and Take. This fantastic event... > more

Wonder what goes on inside the Whittington? - ANYONE walking along McDonald Road in Archway cannot help but notice the vast changes that have taken place to... > more

Phones out of control - COMMUNICATIONS have become very sophisticated and we, the consumers, find it difficult to get accustomed to the ever-growing new system. > more

King’s Cross concerns - EVEN though the review of anti-social behaviour policies has finally finished, for the residents of King’s Cross, uncertainty still remains. > more

Story behind British slavery - IT is quite true, as AG of NW3 says (Thanks for your replies, Feb 1) that slavery was never lawful in England. This was the landmark... > more

Racism must be exposed - THOMAS Andrew’s comments (British ‘racism’ Feb 1) prompted me to ask, does that include non-white racism and bigotry as... > more

Cycling route action - THE Camden Cycling Campaign was very disappointed with the council’s decision to propose that College Crescent should become a... > more

Help out the homeless - I WOULD like to draw attention to the Big Issue magazine. I buy it every week and would like to encourage others to do so. > more

Police need to have radios that work - CAMDEN police’s new radios do not work. At the recent meeting of Camden’s Police Consultative Group at the Town Hall... > more

Road too narrow for buses - IT isn’t only the residents of Leighton Road who should be protesting the proposed bus route along this road. > more

Bus stop can stay - RE the ongoing saga of the 168 bus terminating at South End Green. > more
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