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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 23 August 2007
An urgent need to abolish secrecy in the family courts

It is impossible to defend a system from accusations of bias and discrimination if it operates in secret. Family courts must be open, argues Trevor Jones

THE tragic death of Salma... > more
Campaigning must go on to keep day hospital open
> more

spacerspacer Letters
A big victory in corner shop dispute
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Closing the Stables door...
> more

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Borough councils are not property agents
> more
The disjointed state of our government is exposed by passing the library buck

WHEN Tony Blair came to power 10 years ago the mantra from No 10 Downing Street was: The work of all departments at national or local level needs to be joined up.
Again and again and again that phrase was repeated by the Blair machine – parroted by their acolytes at local level. > more

‘Savings’ have cost me £40 - THE Lib Dem/Tory council is making much play of the fact that they have frozen council tax. > more

I like the 393 - I LIKE the 393 bus going down my way because it is good for the oldest people. > more

Unkind cut - IF readers of the Camden New Journal have ever wondered how their hard earned council tax is spent then let me enlighten them. > more

Our debt to the older generation - ANDY Higgins talked about cuts in the grant given to the Irish elderly network (Grant cut just a start, August 2). > more

Where the service to Careline is free - IN my letter to the New Journal (August 16) regarding Camden’s plans to cut Careline, I quoted from Councillor Martin... > more

Recycling drive-in - THE recycling centre in Regis Road has been reorganised. > more

Late for political partying? - THANK you for your article on the proposal by Camden Council to serve alcohol until 4am at weekends at their Camden Centre... > more

Trouble with trips to pool - THE mixed shower and changing room idea for Kentish Town baths is in danger of alienating many members of our diverse local community... > more

All change? - THE issue of changing facilities at Kentish Town Baths is further confused by Fiona Dean (Letters August 9). > more

Questions - MY family and I totally agree with the suggestion put forward by Jackie Pots (Village mix, no thanks, August 16) that the CNJ should get involved in finding... > more

Suit you? - KATHY Reid’s letter (Design for a costume drama, August 16) struck a chord. > more

Nasty way - REGARDING Carol O’Brien’s letter (Poor form, August 16), I too filled in a form regarding the Kentish Town swimming baths’ refurbishment. > more

Lido users - I AM a regular lido swimmer. The refurbishment of the Grafton Road baths is seen by myself and many other cold water swimmers as much anticipated. > more

Gripes and moans - SEVERAL people have expressed concern in this paper about the prospect of unisex changing facilities at the refurbished Kentish Town baths. > more

Flying the flag has a role with social cohesion - WE note with interest the recent comments on flying the Union Flag from the council offices. > more

This deprived area needs site to be used for people - THE site north of the British Library should be developed entirely for affordable housing and leisure facilities... > more

Results of a poor education - TODAY (Thursday) is the day for GCSE results and added values, hot on the heels of key stage and A-level results. > more

Reject more luxury homes - IT is now urgent that action is taken to stop the land behind the British Library in Somers Town being sold off to the highest bidder. > more

Secondary school will have high standards - PARENTS in Camden should welcome the proposal that University College London should manage the new... > more

Good business for the future - MY great compliments to University College London for their business acumen! > more

Of interest to students - MANY university students will currently be filling in their application forms for their student loan, but beware. > more

Knife Crime - I AM emailing you to say how angry I feel with the picture on the centre pages of the August 16 edition. > more

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