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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 26 July 2007
Don’t sell off council housing

Meric Apak presents the case for expanding council housing schemes while protecting existing ones from outside investment

COUNCIL housing is unique. We want more, not less. Does this council really believe it has any other way of dealing... > more
Independent review will be held into Salma’s case
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Too old to change ways
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Tenants have waited long enough for repairs £283m
> more

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Margaret Little was a brave politician
> more
Council homes remain a taboo as Town Hall misses its chance

FOURTEEN local authorities in Britain are to be given the chance – for the first time in decades – to build council housing.
It’s all part of a highly significant U-turn by the new Gordon Brown government published in a Green paper on Monday... > more

Coin Street achievements could be the model for the British Library site
- WE write on behalf of the Camden branch of the Co-operative Party which at two... > more

Elderly lose out again
- IT did not take long for the Liberal Democrat/Tory axis now controlling Camden Council to show their fangs and true... > more

Flood relief
- MAY I say how grateful the residents of Gloucester Avenue are to the council for the flood relief scheme put in place some years ago. > more

No unisex facility, please, we’re British
- ON Thursday last, we were introduced to Limbrick Architecture who are designing the pools and restoring... > more

Website property problems
- THANK god someone has some brains.I agree with your editor (A question of press freedom in the balance, July 12) about... > more

Online bids concerns
- I AM writing to express our concern about Camden’s proposals to move to purely online bidding for social housing. > more

Open mind on big job
- THE job of director of environment and culture in Camden is a big one and is rewarded accordingly. > more

Advice was not taken
- LIKE the local community and Camden New Journal I am also deeply disappointed Jubilee Waterside Centre has... > more

A tenants’ charter
- YOUR article MP calls for end of ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes (July 12) is right on the money. > more

Lock market quality
- WITH regards to your article (Lock market destroying its quality shops, July 19). > more

We found out about flats decision four months late
- TRUST in all forms of government is at an all-time low. > more

Back to the dark ages
- THANK you for publishing the article on the gay couple in King’s Cross who are to be charged over £1000 by Camden for having... > more

Police the passes
- I WRITE in response to the concern voiced by Anita Brookes over free bus passes issued to under-16s (Boys on the buses idea... > more

Bus torture on the 168
- FOR many years the number 168 bus has been my lifeline to certain parts of London and my favourite London bus. > more

Ken comes up trumps
- MY child uses the facilities at Talacre on a... > more

Mayor acts
- I WROTE to Ken Livingstone to urge him to intervene with the stopping-up order of Dalby Street. > more

Save hospital paintings
- FULL marks to the CNJ and your reporter Roisin Gadelrab for doggedly pursuing the issue of the Cayley Robinson/Middlesex... > more

Make your views known on services for the vulnerable
- THE availability of independent advocacy for people with mental health problems is under threat... > more

Drive for parking cash?
- CAMDEN is currently considering reducing the size of controlled parking zones covered by residents’ parking permits. > more

The long march to freedom
- I WAS really pleased to read the feature by Illtyd Harrington (The Long March to Sexual Freedom, July 19), which highlighted... > more

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