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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 19 July 2007
For housing, we shouldn’t need to click on home page

Society’s most vulnerable will be left at the back of the queue if bidding for social housing is taken over by the web-savvy, argues Robert Latham

RECENT reports that Camden... > more
Climate change myths
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Israel continues trying to find a path to peace
> more

spacerspacer Letters
No sign of a Brown bounce or Cameron factor
> more

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Young people need a sports centre
> more
Public inquiry is essential after tragic death of Salma

AN inquiry should be held following the tragic death of Salma ElSharkawy simply because it throws up so many questions.   And the more public the inquiry the better.
We recognise that social services in Camden – and elsewhere – have been operating under great strain for years. > more

We are not taking the advertisements away
FURTHER to your article (A question of press freedom in the balance, July 12), I wish to make it clear that... > more

Motivated by politics
- YOUR article on the Conservative/Liberal Democrat administration’s decision to cut the adverts for choice-based... > more

Muddled on finances
JOHN Mills’s article appears somewhat muddled (£2 a week: the cost to you of bungled council budget, July 12). > more

Risks of hospital profit motive
- I READ with interest John Gulliver’s review of the University College London Hospital chief executive’s report to... > more

Heating for this year!
- WE were promised heating by Conservative councillors (Residents ‘left out in the cold’ by Tories, July 12), but Labour... > more

We want competition to find school sponsor
- ON Wednesday July 25 Camden Council will meet to make a decision about whether to opt for a preferred... > more

Done deal
- I ATTENDED the last consultation meeting, at the Camden Centre, regarding the proposed new school for Camden. > more

Too many signs of the times
- THE new road sign outside Sainsbury’s in Camden Town, advising lorries if they are too high to pass under Camden... > more

Backing for alternative businesses
WE would like to offer sympathy to Sandra Gee who is closing her business, Hutton, in Camden Town... > more

Boys on the buses idea does not work
- I AM all in favour of free transport for children accompanied by an adult, or when going to or from school, but this... > more.

Will we get a refund for unfair tickets?
- MY resident’s car permit ran out last week. I had moved recently and missed the posted reminder. > more

Well done to Mayor Ken for tackling the Dalby Street mess - CONCERNING your front page story (Ken: I’m in charge, July 12), it was not so long ago... > more

Threat to our amenities
- THE relevance of the Mayor’s decision regarding Dalby Street is that he chose to get involved in a relatively small project... > more

Let’s hear  proposals
- ON July 25 Camden Council will make an indicative decision about how it will proceed with the new school planned... > more

Still time for contest
- I AM sorry to read that Fortune Green councillor Jane Schopflin is very, very weary of those of us who are asking for a competition... > more

A debate is necessary
 AT a meeting last week with myself and Penny Roberts (chair of the Church Secondary School for Camden Campaign), the council... > more

Left out of the loop
- AS both a student and an elected representative of young people in Camden, I have been concerned that hardly any of my fellow... > more

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