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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 19 July 2007
Young people need a sports centre

• FOR more than 10 years both local and central government have been made fully aware of the requests made by people of all ages to have the 3.6-acre site behind the British Library used as a multi-purpose sports centre with an open air swimming pool under a glass dome.
As it is there are no affordable sporting facilities in the Somers Town and St Pancras area. Our youth stand around street corners, bored out of their minds, being moved on by the police to create havoc in some else’s backyard.
Over the years
I have written to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and have been completely ignored.
I now hear the land is covered by a planning brief produced by Camden Council stating the site is suitable for mixed use development, likely to feature shops, offices and luxury housing.
To ignore the plight of our children our youth will create more problems in future years. Clearly the authorities do not give a damn about the needs of the people living in the area.
The very fact the land is owned by the DCMS leaves room for question.
Any land under the control of a government department is for the benefit of the people not for multinational companies.
It has been my personal experience that, in truth, governments do not give a damn about the needs of the people and are responsible for the blatant divisions created across the selfish, uncaring nation.
Chair, St Pancras and
Somers Town Art

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