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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 19 July 2007
We are not taking the advertisements away

• FURTHER to your article (A question of press freedom in the balance, July 12), I wish to make it clear that Camden Council is not withdrawing its advertising from the Camden New Journal.
As regards the choice-based lettings scheme, we are, in fact, increasing the ways people looking for a home can find out about the properties on offer, and this includes scaled-down advertising in the CNJ combined with an increase in more cost-effective direct mailings.
Everyone who has signed up for the choice-based lettings scheme will receive a direct mail with details of the types of properties they are interested in.
They can also go to the council’s website, phone up or pick up information in libraries. An advert in the CNJ will advertise the website and phone number to call.
We have been looking at the most effective and cost-effective way of getting information to home-seekers for around four months now. The decision to broaden out the ways people find out about the properties, with the new tailored direct mail, was taken on the basis of the evidence we found.
Evidence included:
Approximately 60 per cent of people already use the website, the rest contact the council via the telephone. 
If people do not have their own computer, there are a number of free internet access sites throughout Camden, including terminals in all Camden libraries, Bidborough House and the District Housing Offices.
Vulnerable people living
in hostels have support workers who will often assist applicants in making bids, and we do not expect this to change.
For frail elderly applicants, there are sheltered assessment officers who will do bidding for those applicants who
have been approved for sheltered accommodation and who are not able to do it themselves.
I hope that this will reassure you and your readers that we are committed to making the choice-based lettings scheme accessible to everyone, and that any change in the level of advertising for the scheme in your newspaper is in no way connected with your editorial policy.
CLLR KEITH MOFFITT (Liberal Democrat)
Leader, Camden Council

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