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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 19 July 2007

Well done to Mayor Ken for tackling the Dalby Street mess

• CONCERNING your front page story (Ken: I’m in charge, July 12), it was not so long ago – March 2007 – I was writing to the New Journal bemoaning the state of affairs at Dalby Street in the hands of the Liberal Democrat/ Tory coalition.
They had just allowed the road closure at Dalby Street to go ahead despite very serious public concerns.
We voted Labour out in May 2006 in the hope of eradicating incoherent, irresponsible
decision-making by our former elected council.
It would seem that we have ended up with equally inept councillors who do not seem to care about the issues as much as local residents do.
Therefore they seem either incapable of making proper, intelligent, assessment of the Dalby Street scheme or to say ‘no’ to private developers who have pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes with respect to this proposed development.
It seems that we do need a Mayor of London to bring some equilibrium to our local government when they let us down.
Well done, Ken Livingstone, for tackling this mess at Dalby Street by ordering an inquiry into this road closure. We can all sleep more peacefully now that Ken is in charge.
Maitland Park Road, NW3

• KEN Livingstone’s wise decision to hold an inquiry into the “stopping up” of Dalby Street must, obviously, be unwelcome news to the developer who planned to start his building next month (Ken: I’m in charge, July 12).
To a wide variety of other people the delay is welcome not because there is an anti-development lobby, but because many people of Camden want the correct
decision to emerge.
To close Dalby Street, a busy road leading to the popular Talacre Sports Centre, and replace it with a narrow alley, constantly in need of supervision by traffic wardens, is a barmy idea.
Did Camden councillors and officials take collective leave of their senses, one wonders?
We must be grateful for Ken’s common sense and interference.
Harmood Street, NW1

• KEN certainly stole the show just before the Haverstock ward
by-election with his dramatic decision that he was calling for a public inquiry in the Dalby Street road closure application by overseas developers (Ken: I’m in charge, July 12).
I had given up on politicians and did not even register to vote for the by-election on account of the poor
performance by them over Dalby.
I am beginning to realise, however, that having a London Mayor has its advantages at times like this when planning decisions by our local government defy logic.
Rhyl Street, NW5

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