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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 22 February 2007
We need a rethink over KX

How did the £2bn King’s Cross development get the green light with little or no debate? asks Michael Edwards

LAST week the King’s Cross Think Again campaign asked the High Court that Camden’s permissions for Argent’s development be quashed. The request is based on a very simple, straightforward... > more
Why cut down the capital's lungs in the name of sport?
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Extreme weather conditions were snow joke for schools
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Dog controls hinder responsible owners
spacerspacer Letters
We need to start recycling kitchen waste
The darker side of more power cuts

ONCE, as a nation, we were the world’s biggest colonial power.Now, as more and more foreign companies take over our large utilities, football clubs as well as private conglomerates, you could say we have moved from coloniser to... > more

Your care home story was scaremongering
- THE New Journal has covered Camden Council’s consultation on the future of care homes in a highly... > more

Housing under threat
- COUNCILLOR Chris Naylor who is in charge of housing, thinks the five per cent increase in council tenant rents is being insisted... > more

Tales of parking woes
- OPEN letter to councillors David Abrahams, Janet Grauberg and James King.On October 9, 2006, I went with my partner to the... > more

I pronounce debate on school run open
- AS Chair of the council’s School Travel Consultation Steering Group, I have been reading your coverage... > more

Women’s centre has plenty of cash
- THREE Labour councillors for St Pancras and Somers Town wrote to you last week about a reduction of £25,000... > more

Baths were in a terrible state
- WHAT have Camden Council got to hide about the closure of Prince of Wales Baths?At the public meeting on February 7... > more

Goalposts move at Dalby Street
- MY family attended last weekend’s public exhibition of the Dalby Street scheme presented by Trac Properties and their off-shore... > more

Wall collapse
A FEW months ago the council sent everyone in the vicinity of the Roderick Road footbridge a letter asking whether we thought renovation works had... > more

Tram solution
- THERE is no need to wait until 2016 for trams to run from Camden to Brixton. Run buses over the route to find out how many passengers will... > more

Leave statue alone
- I ALSO thought that the statue of Jesus Christ on the cross outside St Mary’s Church was gruesome, especially after it had been painted with that... > more

Poetic memories
- THANK you for your piece in the Review about my father Denzil Dunnett’s newly-published poems Wounds (Denzil’s ‘Wounds’ are the... > more

How about a garden?
- I HAVE read the letters in the New Journal about the proposed redevelopment of the railway land site at the rear of College Lane... > more

We’re treated with contempt
- WHAT is it about compassionate people that attracts hostility from the police? Animal defenders simply handing out ... > more

Horrible to watch dog’s death
- ON Friday (Feb 9) myself and my daughter Amy were passing Prince of Wales Road when we heard a dog in such pain. > more

Why no apology?
- WHAT would we do without the investigative reporting of the CNJ?
The allegations of the widespread theft of property of those who... > more

I fear we live in a police state
- THE recent arrests of six men on a charge of ‘intention’ to kidnap and murder a Muslim soldier is the latest in a series of raids the... > more

Alarms are awful
- OH, how I welcomed last week’s letter ‘Alarms are too much’. As a writer, I work at home and for months now I have been unable to open... > more

Our small shops are going at a quick rate
- ANOTHER apparent victim of the Marks and Spencer incursion into our little South End community as Lulu’s flower... > more

Respect others
- WHY when a Halal ‘only’ food service is suggested for my local state secular school no cries of racism or bigotry are heard but when... > more

What to do about racism?
- I WOULD be interested to know what others think about the following incident.On the 24 bus on Friday afternoon I was forced... > more

TfL should run buses
- I READ that Mr E Stein thinks no buses should go down his road (Road too narrow for buses, Feb 8), but I think they should run there. > more

Michael’s got it wrong on Brown
- WHILE I have the utmost respect for Michael Foot’s political views (Bring on big Gordon, says Labour elder Foot, Feb 7)... > more
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