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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 20 September 2007
Thin blue lines are blurred in our unsafe neighbourhoods

Former Safer Neighbourhood Panel volunteer Beverly Gardner believes her service went unappreciated, and says police are failing to listen the people affected by crime

VICTIM, volunteer, villain... > more
Time for another chapter in the story of Amazing Talacre
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Time to curb this parking money-grabbing machine
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Bogus reasoning about a search for new school site
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Just what kind of ‘Islamic centre’ do they propose?
> more
Can £7m save Camden Town streets?

LANDSCAPES change slowly in London and most conservationists would say hurrah to that!
But Camden Town has been in need of better landscaping and a bit of social engineering for decades. > more

Stop using these throw-away shopping bags?
- MORE and more people are expressing their frustration at the lack of progress in tackling the mountain... > more

No funds on offer for renewal of care homes
- CAMDEN Council’s executive has approved plans to build replacement care homes in the Queen’s... > more

Behaviour is better
- CORRESPONDENCE in your paper prior to the summer holidays regarding Safer Neighbourhoods policing, especially in the... > more

Smell, damp and danger is too much
- ON July 23 this year, I discovered there was a flood under the hallway and bathroom flooring. > more

Did you shelter during Blitz?
- DURING the London Blitz, the Tube was used by thousands of Londoners for shelter from the bombing. > more

Not just wardens who are ripping us off
- IT is not just Camden’s parking wardens who are ripping us off. > more

Election promise broken on choice of a sponsor
- I AM pleased that we residents are to be consulted further about our new secondary school. However... > more

On track to keep our manifesto pledge
- I VOTED to push ahead with public consultation on the new UCL academy. > more

Never had it so good!
- KEN Savage of Camden Pensioners Action Group (Forum, September 6) is not correct when he says: “the government… pay... > more

Are they stealing history?
- I WAS wondering if there is a plaque thief about. > more

The route 393 bus is brilliant
- THE new 393 bus is in Leighton Road for about a minute and a half and in Castle Road for 20 seconds. > more

Keeping London moving
- LONDON Mayor Ken Livingstone assures us that his Congestion Charge never aimed to raise money. > more

Means-test threat to vulnerable
- THIS is a copy of a letter I sent to my local councillor regarding the cuts and means testing of the elderly by Camden Council. > more

Disgrace of B & B expense
- I READ your article on the Holly Lodge estate in Highgate (Will jewel in the crown estate end up in the shop window?... > more

Careline slip
- I WISH to apologise to Careline for the mistake I made in my letter (Careline and who is to blame, September 13). > more

Hospital food
- THE Whittington Hospital wants its cake and eat it (Ailing restaurant’s health in question, September 6). > more

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