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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 16 August 2007
The squalor in Pentonville prison is a national disgrace

In the wake of an independent report that slammed ‘disgraceful’ conditions at Pentonville, former Islington Mayor and prison Visitor Pat Haynes lambasts the government treatment of prisoners

INMATES at Pentonville prison are... > more
Trust in land partnership
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Shared changing rooms a recipe for real rowdiness
> more

spacerspacer Letters
What my child has is what your child will be denied
> more

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Let’s keep Stables unique
> more
We’re left in the dark over secret world where children are victims of statistics

THE more this newspaper pokes around in the undergrowth of the tragic case of Salma ElSharkawy, the more it becomes evident that the suffocating secrecy built around family courts and social workers is largely at the root of the problem.
Hope was raised by the former Secretary of State for Justice, Lord... > more

Café chaos scene was worthy of Basil Fawlty
- WITH some friends, I witnessed a fine example of Basil Fawlty-style customer ‘service’ on a recent afternoon... > more

The blame game will not bring Salma back
- I THINK that the overall issue in the Salma ElSharkawy case was a lack of her voice being listened to with... > more

Work must continue to beat gang-related violence
YOUR report on the murder of Mahir Osman, and the 13 finally convicted of his killing in Camden... > more

Sham consultations and how not to listen
- CONSERVATIVE councillor Andrew Mennear failed in his duty to shame the Liberal Democrat membership... > more

Silly noise is every concert-goers worst nightmare
- THE scenario described by your reviewer (Minimalism? This performance was the least I expected... > more

Real hassle -
I READ with interest John Gulliver’s piece (Pickpockets have become the real hassle, August 9). > more

Film offer -
FORMER Mayor Jerry Williams has unearthed a video called The Amazing Story of Talacre. > more

Wartime Local Defence Volunteers were more than Dad’s Army
- WITH respect to the Review feature ‘Explosive truths of the war’ (August 2). > more

Provision of council houses is a bandwagon worth getting on
I READ your comment on page 15 (August 9), on the possible fate of the British Library... > more

Too many tenants and leaseholders have suffered from late work
- I READ your article on the bungled repairs on the Whittington estate (Bungling... > more

Call centres and costs of Careline
CAMDEN announced that it would be cutting Careline in order to save £100,000 a year. > more

Design for a costume drama
- ASSISTANT director of culture for Camden, Fiona Dean, tries to reassure us that things will be suitably modest at the new... > more

Where’s the dignity?
THE assistant director of culture’s letter (Changing rooms will offer sport centre a flexible mix, August 9) offers no comfort whatsoever... > more

Poor form
- WHEN I filled in the Kentish Town swimming baths consultation form, with respect to its refurbishment, I naively indicated that I would favour... > more

Taken for pool fools?
- IT is obvious that the assistant director of culture for Camden takes all of us for fools (Fiona Dean’s Changing rooms will offer... > more

Village mix, no thanks -
IT is obvious from Fiona Dean’s letter (Changing rooms will offer sport centre a flexible mix, August 9) that Camden has no... > more

Evidence of activity down south
- IN your article regarding the council’s application for a 4am licence at the Camden Centre, Councillor Abdul Hai is quoted... > more

Remember the safety of cyclists
- I WANTED to add my voice to the chorus which I’m sure you have heard calling for improvements (preferably major ones)... > more

Artist’s work impresses as a realistic exploration of poverty
- I DO make an effort to pick up the New Journal. > more

Who cares for old folk?
- I AM writing for someone who is in very bad health and over 85 years old after reading in  your journal how elderly people are treated. > more

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