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Camden New Journal - FORUM: Opinion in the CNJ
Published:28 August 2008
People power, permaculture and Cuba’s green revolution

A means of organic farming has increased national prosperity and saved people from starvation – maybe it’s an innovation we should adopt, writes Dr Derek Wall

ON Thursday (September 4),... > more
Homes sell-off compromises campaign for central funding
> more
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The right to peace in your home? You must be joking
> more
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House is an eco-friendly way to blow public cash
> more

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Labour let us down, Respect split... now I’m Lib Dem
> more
Commerce has its place, but it’s not in our public parks

LOCAL government can be dull, unadventurous and – efficient.
Council tax payers, worried today about rising prices, may like it that way.
Westminster Council has picked up a reputation of just being pretty boring and sound, administratively. > more

News management for some, tragedy for others
- HOW could David Lee, communications director of Camden and Islington... > more

Lighten up and allow families to have barbecues in park
- SADLY, it now appears that the Corporation of London, not just Camden Council... > more

A myth dispelled? We have to live with reality of funding cut
- COUNCILLORS Keith Moffitt and Janet Grauberg write, regarding Castlehaven... > more

Trailing third, the Lib Dems have a long way to go
- I WAS intrigued to read Richard Osley’s recent article in the Camden New Journal... > more

KO’d by criticism
- JOSH Loeb writes in his criticism of the play, Halpern and Johnson, that Halpern threatened to knock Johnson... > more

Naturists smeared
- ON the facts described, Soho Beach was not a naturist club. It was smearing our good name and we... > more

My political opponent deserves medal for his work
- I AM so impressed by the representation I received recently from my councillor... > more

AWOL to see his son
- I READ the John Gulliver article, Beastly treatment for a soldier on the run from D-Day (August 7). Well, my husband... > more

Insult to our caretaker
- I AM a leaseholder on the Lymington Road estate in West Hampstead, where I have lived for 11 years... > more

Did you know John?
- I WOULD like to learn more about a former resident of Camden in connection with a book I’m researching... > more

‘Miss your train’ offer
- CHRISTOPHER Price did not really deal adequately with the issue of mass surveillance, which is growing... > more

Left v Right replaces the yellow tide
- YOU portray the competition in the Hampstead Town by-election as a fight between Conservatives... > more

On guard at station
- WHILE looking through some papers belonging to my late grandfather, Charles Harris, I came across... > more

Crime-free hot-spot
- THE crime map shows West Hampstead as a hot-spot but your report highlights a short stretch of Finchley... > more

Oh, I say what a slip
- THE article on Leslie Phillips had two glaring errors (Ping pong? Ding dong, August 14). Leslie is 84 and not 88... > more


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