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Published: 28 June 2007
Why are we still sinking money into submarines?

Spending billions on a nuclear programme is an outdated approach to defence policy, argues actor Roger Lloyd Pack

THE name Faslane has been a scar on my brain for some time. In the same way that the upgrading of Trident has... > more
Please don’t despair of human kindness
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Cracks in the paving job aren’t that crazy
> more

spacerspacer Letters
We need EU’s clout to make our voice heard
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Loss of our traditional pubs leaves bitter taste
> more
From a new school to the invasion of Iraq, it feels like we’re at war with our politicians

THERE’S a vicious circle about politics today.
The more politicians engage in spin, the more people become disengaged, the more people become disengaged, the more politicians start spinning again.
Witness the sham politics played out over the debate about where to... > more

School run is a marathon!
- I AM a mother living in the Finchley Road area. My daughter is due to start school this September this year. > more

Could someone explain why they are taking our Freedom Pass away?
- OVER recent months the Mayor of London has continued to mislead the public into... > more

We need action on crime, not just facts and figures
- I SYMPATHISE greatly with the anonymous letter (Gangs will force us to move to new area, June 14)... > more

Speeding traffic is the real problem
- LIKE thousands of others, I have been given a glossy, six-page leaflet labelled “Swiss Cottage Street... > more

Extra policing will help tackle youth problem on estate
- THANK you to the CNJ for your article last week, talking to the young people who hang out around... > more

We need something concrete on housing
- "PRIME -minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown has an ‘open mind’ about the fourth option for council housing... > more

Lessons of the car permit saga
- IT is to be hoped that your piece (Parents lose fight to save park permits, June 21) will draw this saga to a close. During ... > more

A place in the country
- THERE is a solution to the lack of affordable housing in London!Many pensioners are living in council accommodation larger... > more

Quality hospital care
- I HAVE been hospitalised twice at University College London Hospital in the past month. > more

Fabulous Barker book
- I THOUGHT Fiona Green’s review of Christopher Barker’s book was fabulous (June 21). > more

Smoking is simply part of our daily routine
- I WONDER what historians will make of July 1, 2007. > more

Save hospital masterpieces
- AS a former student of UCL/Middlesex medical school and a working doctor, I am appalled UCLH has decided to sell its pictures... > more

Blair goes, but will Brown be better?
- SO it is goodbye at last to Tony Blair. Muslims in Camden and throughout the country will not be sorry. We hoped for... > more

Doctor will see you... later
- IT is now difficult to make an appointment to see a doctor at my local practice. > more

Another blow for poor
- CAMDEN’S ruling Lib Dems earlier this year deleted two posts at its welfare rights unit which, under Labour control, brought in... > more

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