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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published:3 May 2007
Why are we still ganging up on our black youths?

Criminalised and demonised, young black men in Britain are being pushed away, says Dr Richard Smith

TONY Blair made his recent comments on the need for black communities... > more
Driven mad by the  bullies on the buses
> more

spacerspacer Letters
It’s boys and girls aloud!
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Load on my mind
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Lesson of Barney has not been learned
> more
These planning cowboys need a sheriff to keep them in check

THE fear that another monstrous Canary Wharf development may arise on the site of the abandoned Middlesex Hospital in Goodge Street is understandably sending shivers down the back of residents.
It perfectly  highlights the essentially flawed system of planning controls that govern the capital. > more

These planning cowboys need a sheriff to keep them in check - THE fear that another monstrous Canary Wharf development may arise on the site of the... > more

Bank account checks have Stasi overtones -
LAST weekend I went to see the recently- released film The Lives of Others about the Stasi, the former East... > more

Our amazing fringe theatre deserves audiences’ support
-   I WAS interested to read what actress Belinda Lang had to say about the refusal of a Lottery... > more

Cyclists would take over Heath
- NICOLE Segre asks: “Why assume that the Heath should be primarily reserved for the enjoyment of walkers?” (A bicycle... > more

We’ve been cheated by sale of Stanley
- I AM really beginning to worry about Councillor Keith Moffitt’s ability to run the show in Camden in a sustainable... > more

Muslims are part of area
- I WAS saddened to read the letter from Sunil Kumar Pal last week (Holy days a threat to cohesion). It seems that Mr Pal gave up... > more

It’s only fair to tell us if it’s illegal to park
-  THE other Sunday evening at 6.40pm, I received a parking ticket in Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, being parked... > more

Let’s have a GCSE for nation of poets
-  I WOULD like to see Camden take a lead and lobby for GCSE courses in Somali. > more

Local beauty ruined
-  I LIVE in Holsworthy Square. One of the jewels here was a huge, beautiful jasmine ‘hedge’ which gladdened the heart with its... > more

Shop talk
- IN replying to my letter (A Tesco would be good, March 29),  K Y McKay is not focused on the reason – need – why a modern store selling at fair... > more

Recycling colours are not green
- THE recent statements from our Lib Dem /Conservative council on their commitment to the environment seem... > more

Bad school situation looks set to get worse
ADRIAN Betham is quite right to say that a new secondary school is needed in the south of the borough... > more

Stop the hanging around
GROUPS of young people are hanging around Chalton Street, Somers Town, mainly because they have nothing else to do... > more

Dalby Street closure a recipe for disaster
- A DRAFT Servicing Management Plan for the proposed New Dalby Street makes for astonishing reading... > more

Tax divide is not yet decided
- DUDLEY Miles said he shared Father Hawkins’ distress at the reduced funding by the Liberal Democrat-Conservative... > more

Save our care homes
- PHOEBE Watkins’ letter questioning Camden council’s proposals to sell-off its residential care homes makes a lot of sense... > more

Battle of the Almos
- AFTER the Almo fiasco it’s hard to believe that the duly elected members of our council refuse to learn their lesson ... > more

Whittington action is long overdue
- IN respect of your article on the failing repair project at the Whittington Estate, Highgate Newtown (Estate revamp... > more

Give councillors  credit where due
- WHEN candidates stand for election, most have a hope that they can make a significant change for the better... > more
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