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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 22 March 2007
Why we must unite to protect the NHS

Katie Bramall argues that patient care and junior doctors’ careers are being put at risk by government plans for the NHS

MY name is Katie Bramall. I’m 27, a junior doctor and I live in Camden borough. I also trained here too, moving from pastoral Staffordshire when I was... > more
What really went on at Town Hall riots

spacerspacer Letters
Swiss Cottage school site ticks all the boxes >more

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Home should be prioroty in KK

spacerspacer Letters
Parking rules in a ridiculous state
Fund Kenwood concerts, problem solved
ENGLISH Heritage and IMG are straining themselves to bring back the Kenwood concerts next year.
Understandably, they will make whatever concessions are necessary to pacify opposition from residents to the noise generated by the concerts.
At the moment, they are working on the concept of a new stage... > more

Kentish Town area needs youth centre -
WE read with interest details of the exclusion zone for youth in Kentish Town... > more

Dogs bring happiness and companionship to so many
IN response to the letter from Caroline Yates of the Mayhew Animal Home (Dogs (and their owners) have a... > more

‘Street vendors’ a pest - • I FELT total compassion with the somewhat enjoyable letter of Mr Abyad, (Every day I run the street pest gauntlet, March 15). > more

Search still on for effects - I WOULD like to thank the Camden New Journal, and in particular Paul Keilthy, for the persistence they have shown over the... > more

You can’t bury cuts under a pile of clichés - COUNCILLOR Paul Barton’s use of tabloid clichés does not hide the cuts being made in Camden Council’s services... > more

Emergency? You’re through to a call centre - CAMDEN Council’s praiseworthy gesture in freezing council tax proves what many of us thought: that we had been... > more

Freedom Pass is still under threat - COUNCILLOR Daniel Moylan says there is no threat to the Freedom Pass from the London Councils umbrella group, but in that... > more

Penalties for good Samaritans? - ON a rainy Sunday evening last October, I gave two elderly passengers a lift to the bus stop at South End Green. A camera... > more

Post Office praise - SINCE the Post Office and the Royal Mail has taken so much criticism recently I would like to add my little piece, which in these days... > more

Who sorts recycling? - EVERY Tuesday Camden recycling takes place in our street.
We put out our paper, cardboard, tin, plastic, and glass all sorted. This is... > more

Green spin cycle - WHILE the Lib Dems and Conservatives slug it out in Westminster over who is greener, the environmental message does not seem to have... > more

Don’t knock our community activists, go out and help them - IT is such a shame that people like Silla Carron have to defend their actions and good works within... > more

Money down the drain - I AGREE with the pensioners in Bexley withholding 38p a week to fund the Olympic Games from their council tax. But magistrates love to make... > more

Blue plaque for Equiano please - S we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade on March 25, I have come across an interesting fact about ... > more
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