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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Cllr John Mills

Don't judge us by the standards of Blair

Cllr John Mills argues that Labour in Camden is different to Labour in Whitehall

IN May there will be local elections in Camden. Some voters appear to be tempted not to...
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European farce

Fine actors do a curiosity well
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Little Pavarotti Alex

No guitar bruisers, but still a class act
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The Crow

Last-minute goals – they should be banned
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Comment & Your Letters
Heather says her hands are clean

THE nasty row simmering over the redevelopment scheme in Euston Road, which could become quite brutish, has an antecedent in another scheme that plagued local politics five years ago.

At that time, opponents of a proposal to redevelop Hampstead Theatre and market site in Swiss Cottage felt cheated because three councillors – Councillors Dave Horan, Flick Rea and John Thane – who sat on the theatre board, and therefore could be said to have had a conflict of interest, nevertheless took part in the crucial vote that gave the green light to the scheme..> more

Delighted about baths, but beware of what may follow - I have been away for a week, but I was delighted on my return to see in your report... > more

We have options for school site - Thank you again to the CNJ for continuing to report on our Campaign for a Secondary School in Holborn and St Pancras. > more

Let me set the record straight on Swiss Cottage leisure prices - I am writing to set the record straight over the prices that will be charged for using the new... > more

Shocked at these senseless killings - On Saturday January 28 Maher Osman (pictured above left), an 18- year-old Somali student was murdered. > more

Here's to great new park life - Two meetings took place last week to discuss the Cantelowes Gardens development and in particular the design of the... > more

Planning issues are important to us all - Richard Simpson has outlined the growing unease over planning in Camden. > more

Don't impede the free movement of cyclists - A few days ago cyclists using the Oasis Sports Centre found a litter of notices tied to the kerbside railing saying that... > more

Rid the lock of dealers - I am appealing to you on behalf of my fellow traders, residents and visiting tourists of Camden. > more
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