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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 15 February 2007
Lord Desai
No room for complaceny

London is a multicultural success story. It has it problems – but which major city doesn’t asks Lord Desai

THE Shilpa Shetty-Big Brother episode has led to a lot of debate in India as well as the UK and raised the issue of racism in Britain to a high pitch. Whenever I was asked ...> more
Children still have a halal option
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Bath closure has left us high and dry
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Clearance of Dor’s flat shows old people are a >more
spacerspacer Letters
Funding is vital for this women's centre
The flats which nobody wants?

THERE is something fanciful going on with Camden council officials.
Facing the lovely green sweep of Primrose Hill stands a block of studio flats, usually filled with elderly tenants placed by Central and Cecil Housing Trust .
Many of the tenants come from a council waiting list. This is a ...>more

It is not too late to stop this planning time bomb - I was pleased to learn that the Dalby Street developer has given his undertaking to withdraw his recent plan to ...>more

Blame culture has gone too far at NHS - I AM writing to vent my frustrations at the restrictions imposed on my role in NHS administration. There is a saying that...>more

Farce of school snow decision - LAST Thursday was beautiful. On the Heath, the snow wrapped the tree in white. And for a moment, north London became a ...> more

Thanks for pub decision - I AM in no doubt that the New Journal will cover the report regarding the decision of the licensing committee of Camden Council to not allow...>more

How did St Valentine’s Day start? - APPARENTLY February is the worst month for the ‘blues’ (low spirits). Is this why we have halfway through the ... >more

Clamping rules made clear- THE CNJ seems to have suffered a touch of amnesia about Camden’s parking policy (Carry on clamping, Feb 8)...>more

Heritage must be valued - IN your two depressing articles about Camden’s pillaged heritage, we read that Camden’s historic horse tunnels are at risk from ...>more

Save the Crown and Goose - RE the redevelopment of the Crown and Goose pub in Arlington Road and The Camden Road Snooker Club, in Delancey Street...>more

More than just books - DESMOND Donovan and Alan Templeton are quite right to rubbish the idiotic conclusion of Tim Coates that the cost of lending each ...>more

Green street farce - FROM time to time you have run articles about the proposed development of the site of the old railway club at the top of Little Green ...>more

Pass is safe with us - AS Chairman of London Councils’ cross-party Transport and Environment Committee, which operates the Freedom Pass, I can assure...>more

Figures do not add up - RESIDENTS of Leighton Road and other streets, included in Transport for London’s proposed extension to the 393 bus route, may be...>more

Take statue down - FATHER Rob Wickham is to leave St Mary’s in Eversholt Street. He has been a good vicar, concerned about the poor and homeless. Before he ...>more

There’s still plenty for elderly to worry about - CLLR Davies’s article has done nothing to allay my suspicions about the future of sheltered housing (Help us to ...>more

Why don’t we recycle food waste as well? - WE recently moved from Hackney and noticed that there was a different policy in Camden for recycling from the one...>more

Bus stop is very real issue to us - GEORGINA Brazier-Potter has not got a clue what issues the residents of South End Green have with the 168 bus stand as well as...>more

Help us protect the disabled • AS you are no doubt aware, Camden Council has been consulting on the impact of the proposed changes to charges for community ...>more

Alarms are too much - WHEN I told my GP how badly I was being affected by the noise of the alarms on the equipment being used in the tower blocks of the Chalcot ...>more
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