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Camden New Journal - FORUM: Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 26 June 2008
We must work together to unlock the potential of our young people

It won’t be easy, and there are many obstacles to overcome, but every effort must be made in turning young people away from crime, writes Cllr Keith Moffitt

WHEN I received the news that... > more
Good outweighs the bad
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Why can’t the council run the care homes?
> more
spacerspacer Letters
A lot more than just ‘a few cookery classes’
> more

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Problem pre-dates the state of Israel
> more
Powerful brewers, advertising and a painful hangover

DID it have to come to this – that medics are to go on patrol to hoover up drunks at Camden Town on Saturday nights?
Over-reaction to Camden Town weekend rowdyism?
It’s either that or desk officials at Camden Primary Care Trust... > more

Cost-cutting that causes misery to the frail and vulnerable
- SOON after the Camden Liberal Democrat/Tory coalition came in power they... > more

What to call the square?
- VITAL information for all those campaigning to change the projected name of Noho Square and other public places... > more

Sick system
- I CAN only assume that people who don’t want the new polyclinics never go to see a GP. > more

Give us free prescriptions now
- I WRITE to back Macmillan Cancer Support’s campaign for free prescriptions in England. > more

Thanks for good care
- I WOULD like to thank Mary Bastow, the manager of Camden’s sheltered housing scheme at Cressfield Close. > more

A childcare system that is open to bureaucratic spite
- I AM the woman who several years ago opened the loophole allowing fosterers the right... > more

Camden’s wall game
- WHY does a council promote children’s sport, then make climbing prohibitively expensive? > more

Doing the honours…
- JOHN Gulliver looks forward to the day when “instead of the Queen, a publicly elected body hands... > more

Blood sell
- I HAVE learnt that the blood donor service is under threat. > more

Fighting for Baylie
- I WAS saddened to read of the plight of the Fennelly family and their son Baylie (My child is being denied an education... > more

Sign of the times – post office shut notices
- THE shut notices are in the windows. The final horror of post office closures has arrived. For those with... > more

This closure was not Europe’s fault
- SO now we have no post offices in Belsize where once we had three. > more

No plans for a sell-off
- CONTRARY to the article and comment you carried (Camden Centre sell off? June 19), the council has no plans to sell... > more

- WHEN I receive a Liberal Democrat leaflet through the door I am always irritated by the ignorance they presume their... > more

Now battle for the park
- THE fear of Talacre residents has been realised.
The executive environment sub-group voted on Thursday... > more

Shocking ‘ultimatum’ over future of two good schools
- AS a former teacher at Edith Neville School (retired July 1997), I was shocked to read... > more


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