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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 26 June 2008
Good outweighs the bad

• THE world is not that bad a place is it?
For the best part there are more good people in the world than there are bad.
It’s just you hear more about the bad than the good.
In fact we sensationalise the bad, because in some perverse way we seem to enjoy reading about it. Perhaps it’s because it makes us good people feel really good!
But there are good things going on in this world. Every time a new baby is born you have to think of the miracle of giving birth, not that this child might be the subject of physical and mental abuse by some perverted individual who gets off on assaulting young children, or that this child might grow into serial killer. You just have to wonder at the whole process of the way we evolve, and the fact that for the best part this child was brought into the world through love.
The other day I saw a foster mother with two of her foster children and it brought tears to my eyes to see such love.
Would she ever get a mention?
I doubt it, but in this troubled world it was a beautiful thing to witness.
As adult people we are here to teach our children the right way and for the best part I think we succeed.
We shouldn’t lose sight of this and give up.
There is a lot of beautiful stuff around us and we should take a moment just to look at it. Having a few good moments a day is better than none at all.
There will always be the bad stuff going on, and we can’t ignore it, but we can try to balance it with some of the good stuff.
Mansfield Road, NW3

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