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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 11 October 2007
We’re on the right track, but some recycling is just a waste

Camden’s all-party Eco Task Force is about to release its second substantive report on waste and recycling. Task Force Chairman Cllr Alexis Rowell explains the report

CAMDEN concentrates on boosting... > more
Patients’ lifeline a second home to countless people
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Policing successes with Safer Neighbourhoods
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Policing successes with Safer Neighbourhoods
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Fight against super-bugs could start in the toilets
> more
We bang on about sell-offs – but who listens?

Lib-Dems and Tories at the Town Hall.

While we looked critically at the auction of council-owned properties last week, he ­complained, we were indifferent whenever the previous Labour administration embarked on similar sales. > more

Fight against property privatisation will go on
- WE wanted to thank the New Journal for discussing our campaign (Gone in sixty minutes: four of your... > more

Camden homes for sale – four versus 4,000
- YOU protest about selling four homes – but did you protest at past sales of 4,000 ? > more

Meetings for the sake of having meetings?
- I AGREE with those who rebuked the Liberal Democrat organisers of the first area forum meeting... > more

Community centres are about delivering services
- WE would like to clarify some of the points made about council plans for community centre... > more

Social mix gives borough character
- COUNCILLOR Adrian Oliver and I would like to express our strong support for the call by the residents of... > more

Politics of ‘meltdown’
- HOW telling that over the page from your comment about “High-rise Ken…” you publish the letter (Tube in meltdown as trains... > more

Benefits system is a minefield for older citizens
- AFTER reading the letters in the New Journal from pensioners, it is evident the benefits system particularly... > more

Was it too much like hard work to collect this tax?
- I WOULD like the director of finance to explain why he failed to collect £4 million of council tax for... > more

MacNeice memories
- DAN Carrier’s articles on the poet Louis MacNeice (Review, September 21 and 28) jogged my memory. > more

Volunteering an opinion on mental health projects
- I UNDERSTAND a contract for running day centre services for people with mental health problems... > more

One more crime…
- ON Sunday at about 8.30pm I came across a lady screaming tearfully down the phone her location (Crogsland Road near Chalk Farm... > more

Real nappies save money
- I AM writing about the North London Waste Authority’s decision on September 19 to stop funding the real nappy cashback. > more

Where size does matter
- YOUR reporter (Mayor Ken says yes to green revamp of hospital site, October 4) quotes Councillor David Abrahams: “We’re... > more

That car had been unticketed for two days
- MAY I please correct the various assumptions and assertions made by Rudy Bright, head... > more

Where size does matter
- I AM sure many of your readers will be as pleased as I am that the funding for Prime Minister has given the green light to... > more

Go green
- THANK you for your article (Victorian home is greenest... > more

Yes please, minister
- YOUR intriguing article on the land behind the British Library must have left your readers, like us, with a number of questions... > more

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