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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 13 September 2007
Camden’s vulnerable lose their link to a brighter future

A lifeline for those bewildered by the maze of benefits and employment rights will close this month, writes Mike Haran, manager of the Camden Tribunal Unit

FOR 25 years Camden Tribunal... > more
Women pensioners are hit even harder than the men
> more

spacerspacer Letters
UCL should come clean on academy admissions
> more
spacerspacer Letters
We must work to improve satisfaction with housing
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Provide us with accessible forms, leaflets and letters
> more
Pen-pushers are Town Hall’s true ruling class

PEEL away the debate over who pays for the wall that tragically killed a two-year-old boy in Gospel Oak (See page 3) and you will find it reveals an age old problem centring on the question: Who runs the Town Hall – politicians or the officials?

At present, it seems officials have – however provisionally – decided to... > more

Insight into St Pancras history
- A FEW weeks ago, I had the pleasure of discovering something of how the old Midland Grand Hotel at St Pancras... > more

Ash to ashes: it’s a sad end for my social smoking
- I AM a peaceful 81-year-old living in sheltered housing and have enjoyed a cigarette with my mug... > more

We must have extra places for south of borough
- AS I write we are already five weeks through an eight week consultation period on Camden’s Building... > more

We need a more radical approach
- I WAS encouraged to read in your paper that, once again, a meeting to showcase plans for a secondary school in... > more

It’s up to Mayor Ken to sort out the 393 debacle
- RECENTLY there has been much correspondence regarding the 393 bus along Leighton Road. > more

Mosques – inclusive or exclusive buildings?
- AS Labour councillors we urge the council to continue its longstanding work to identify a site in the south of the... > more

Fencing has brought area back to us
- Ingestre Tenants’ Association would like to respond to Ruth Granoth’s letter (Treated as second rate, August 30). > more

In the market for purchasing a teddy bear?
- REGARDING the Covent Garden article (Garden Piazza!, August 30) there appears to be a mix of facts... > more

And yes, we do have to wear ear plugs
- WE all know that Camden and London is a busy place to live and therefore can be noisy. > more

Cuts will hit the vulnerable
- I AM writing to express my anger with Camden Council’s job cuts of workers in the temporary and supported housing group. > more

Young are also victims
- YOU are right to report on the menace of muggers on the Finchley Road (Blitz on muggers who prey on pupils, September 6). > more

Parking is just a farce
- IT should be pointed out that the consultation that took place made no mention of the reduction of parking available on the... > more

Live exports on the move
- MANY readers may not be aware that lifting the ban on exports of British beef has allowed the live export trade to resume... > more

Why this school?
- ONE question was asked repeatedly to UCL’s provost Malcolm Grant during the only public meeting he saw fit to organise or attend... > more

Alternative route, please
- I WOULD like to add my voice to the debate on the 393 bus route. We all seem to agree that this extension is a positive move... > more

Enough of celebrities
- I AM sick to death of celebrities, who think, because they have made a lot of money, that they have the right to run our lives. > more

Build homes
- IN reply to John Lefley’s comments (Letters, September 6) I think instead of building a mosque on the area in question it would be better suited... > more

Careline and who is to blame
- I’M glad Councillor Martin Davies (Letters, September 6) found your editorial comment on Careline interesting. > more

Thanks for service
- I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the... > more

Peace of mind
- WITH regard to the letter (A buzzer won’t bring me back to land of the living, August 30), I want to say that the peace of mind it gives me... > more

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