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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 7 June 2007
A sewer? Only thing that smells is the Teen Spirit!

Camden should celebrate its musical heritage with its own Walk of Fame, writes Lee Bennett

AN Evening Standard writer, whose name I have forgotten already, asked: “Is Camden a sewer?” Answer: No, it’s... > more
We need police action, not pathetic excuses
> more

spacerspacer Letters
King’s Cross shows a failure on heritage
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Vision that unites Rose and the pagoda builder
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Did I really see bobby in High Street?
> more
The Camden Walk of Fame need not be limited to glitter and spice

SUDDENLY, a bit of public discussion is taking place about the possibility of a Walk of Fame, similar to that in Hollywood, being laid in Camden High Street (see page 2 and Forum page 25).
And all because Camden Town is now regarded – almost revered – as the music capital of Britain.   Well, those who talk it up would go further and describe it... > more

Early life of anti-racism activist
- REGARDING the Reverend Michael Scott, he was for a short time my father’s assistant curate at All Souls’ Church, in Pedro... > more

Could do better
- SPOTTED on a placard outside a local newsagent: “Conservatives do
U-turn on grammer schools.” No comment. > more

Record breaker
- I WOULD be over the moon if the Camden Green Fair had been my “baby” (Green Fair all set for record crowd, May 31). But it wasn’t... > more

Deserved honour
- IT is entirely fitting that Roy Shaw should be made Camden’s first honorary alderman. He is the embodiment of the ethos of public service. > more

Please club together to buy Harry the hermit a caravan
- ABOUT the squatter who went to court, May 31. > more

Curb cars and lorries too?
PERHAPS cyclists should be banned from parts of Hampstead Heath, as suggested by your reader who was injured... > more

I never agreed to the ‘music ban'
- I AM writing about the two recent articles concerning the “music ban” on the Curnock Street Estate on May 24 and May 31. > more

NHS shock
RE ‘NHS faces court challenge’ in last week’s New Journal. I, too, am stunned that homeopathy is ceasing to be funded by successive PCTs. > more

All is not ‘hunky-dory’ with tenants’ reps
- CAMDEN'S executive has decided to move away a step or two from the ‘fourth option’ which unites most... > more

Capacity for creative thinking on criteria for school places
- CAMDEN Council claims that building a new secondary school in Swiss Cottage is the only option... > more

Let’s junk the junk
THIS morning, six pieces of junk mail were delivered by Royal Mail (so the ‘postmark’ on one envelope stated).  > more

Bus 393 drives ahead
- TRANSPORT for London has investigated concerns raised by residents of the Leighton Road area that the road is unsuitable... > more

Talacre bedfellows
- MY family were at the well-attended launch of the Friends of Talacre Gardens and we were impressed by the feeling of unity which... > more

Save our trees
I AM both sad and outraged to hear that 2,000 London trees have been massacred in the past five years, and 10 per cent of the 600 trees in... > more

Religion: it’s all black and white
- ON British (London) TV, someone said Christians will believe any rubbish they are told. This is not true. > more

Frustration of van theft drove me mad
- I HAD my van stolen on Tuesday evening by a gang of youths from Russel Court NCP car park. > more

Left pondering ‘nightclub’ licensing conditions report - RE: ‘Pond Street Nights’ (May 31). This article is a misrepresentation of the facts: > more

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