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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 8 March 2007
Our budget is fair and honours our promises

Town Hall finance chief Cllr Janet Grauberg defends the Lib Dem/Tory coalition’s budget

BEING shouted at is the price you pay for the privilege of making decisions. There was plenty of shouting about ... > more
Face up to it, the drug war was lost years ago
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Dog laws would make owners’ lives a misery
> more

spacerspacer Letters
What is the true cost of a nought per cent tax rise?
> more
spacerspacer Letters
There is a threat to our historic street
> more
Has education become a commodity?

THERE is something a little unedifying in the spectacle of private sponsors queuing up like salesmen to pitch for the privilege of running an academy school in Camden.

There is University College London, which wants to turn the new school into a science academy. There is the Church of England, rightly proud of its... > more

Why must politicians rush to join the pack?
- LIKE so many other voters I voted for the Lib Dems at the last three elections, being a disappointed ex-Labour... > more

Save our bus pass
- ALTHOUGH I live on the border of Barnet, yards from Camden, may I offer my warmest support to MPs Frank Dobson and Glenda Jackson... > more

Glass houses plan will ruin our garden
- WHAT is Camden Council doing at Holly Lodge? In the 1960s the council bought these amazing ‘Tudor’ flats... > more

Peace is restored
- WHEN they started, concerts at Kenwood were concentrated in the lake area and people could pass on the terrace and the lawns... > more

Estate ivy a victim of official’s decree
- TWENTY years ago I planted some ivy against the back of Hinchinbrook House on the Mortimer estate, in Kilburn. > more

Nimbies’ revenge?
- HAVING lived in Hartland Road during the 1940s through to 1960, I read with regret that the ‘Exchange’ has become such a controversial... > more

Graffiti gone in flash
- ON the Wednesday I emailed Camden Council about offensive graffiti by my front door. On the Friday morning, it was gone. > more

Who will reverse fortunes of this market in decline?
- LIKE many residents, I am worried about the state of Queen’s Crescent market. > more

Readers, unite to save your bookshop
- INDEPENDENT bookshops in Britain are an endangered species. On average, one closes every month... > more

Do you know the Bunkers?
- ON May 19, 1932, a person I believe to be my great uncle, George Albert Bunker, died at 191 Dartmouth Park Hill, Dartmouth Park... > more

Journey is very simple
- YOUR issue of February 15 tells of the grievance of Nadia Filipkova who has lost her job as a result of the closure of the Kentish... > more

Some of us might welcome a new doctor’s surgery
- I’M delighted to see that 87 to 89 Prince of Wales Road in Kentish Town will one day become redundant and... > more

Free bus travel is safe with us
- I AM writing to reassure Freedom Pass users who will have been unduly alarmed by the article ‘MPs back under-fire bus pass’... > more

Family pharmacy in danger
- AS councillors we would like the “control of entry” panel within the Primary Care Trust to take note of the groundswell of... > more

Keith’s my hero
- WHAT a great chap is Tory councillor Keith Sedgwick, a hero who leads where other councillors fear to follow (Bloody, but he’s unbowed, March 1... > more

Green way to freeze tax and save jobs
- DESPITE an extremely generous 6.2 per cent increase in the government’s grant for Camden, the Lib Dem-Conservative... > more

Sporting chance
- THE proposed development of the Goals Soccer Centre in Regent’s Park has received a negative press from a few disgruntled people... > more

Forgotten elderly
- ANOTHER £17,000 has been spent heightening the fence around a newly- refurbished football pitch, which of course should never have been... > more

Let women’s centre dip into its funds
- IT was generous of the New Journal to give half a page last week to letters criticising me over funding for the Hopscotch... > more

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