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Published: 18 January 2007
Roadmap to cleaner air

Car manufacturers don’t care so it’s up to drivers to take responsibility for the amount of CO2 emissions their cars produce, writes Blake Ludwig

AS a co-founder of the campaigning group Alliance Against Urban 4x4s, and a Camden resident, I welcome the news that Camden Council is making plans to... > more
Stealing from the poor and giving to the rich
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Right to be concerned over planning officials
> more
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Thanks for listening over baths closure
> more
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Officials overruling elected councillors is disaster for all
> more
When will the baths reopen?

QUITE spontaneously, swimmers and users of the Kentish Town baths are asking: Why is there such a hurry to close them down?
Few can deny the baths are decrepit and need to be rebuilt. But that has been known for more than a year. And while this newspaper has been in favour of a complete revamp of the baths, the question posed by the public needs to be taken seriously. > more

Get well soon, Roy - COUNCILLOR Roy Shaw’s indisposition is unwelcome and sad news. (Longest-serving politician unwell, January 11) > more

TfL are just taking the mickey out of us
- TRANSPORT for London claims to be carrying out a consultation exercise with local communities affected by their proposal to... > more

Flowers are for Andrea
- I WONDER if it might be possible this year if the flowers left on my daughter’s bench, on the Vale of Health, might stay a while? > more

Honour won’t compromise my dearly-held principles -
LET me re-assure Wendie Gray that the honour which I have been given for human rights will not compromise...> more

Many thanks to kind lady -
I WOULD like to thank the kind lady from Ravenshaw Street NW6 who returned my pass and cards to me after I lost them outside... > more

Our local shops under threat
- THE news that Cavours, our local hardware shop in Swain’s Lane, is to close down in March comes as yet another blow to... > more

Treated like a criminal by TfL
- I GET the N29 back from town after nights out and always have issues with overcrowding and overheating. However, three times in under... > more

Tell us if wardens can stay -
IT IS now seven weeks since I handed Councillor Ben Rawlings (Executive Member for Community Safety) a letter asking him if the... > more

There’s plenty to do
- ONCE again, I’m disappointed to read that the Youth of Camden (Book of Grievances Jan 4) think that there’s nothing available for them in... > more

Where have all the beautiful trees gone?
- I WAS sad to see the listing Lebanon Cedar tree in Holly Lodge Gardens felled, it was a beautiful and ancient tree that ... > more

Ban these noxious urban monstrosities
- CAMDEN Council’s proposal, reported last week, to charge 60 per cent more to park large-engined cars is a cynical... > more

Wrong to select pupils
- COUNCILLOR Chris Philp’s comments that schools should select their pupils displays a disregard for any principles of fairness. > more

Police are now too illiberal -
REGULARLY for the past five months there have been reports of residents being subjected to very humiliating procedures and... > more

Wrong Britannia
- RECENTLY I was at the Royal Festival Hall for classical spectacular show performance, which was absolutely superb. > more

Rent rise is a choice
YET again the Tory/Lib Dem coalition in the Town Hall is failing to take responsibility for its decisions (Tenants braced for massive rent hikes... > more
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