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Camden New Journal - FORUM: Opinion in the CNJ
Published:7 August 2008
Housing is not a commodity to be traded for excess profit

The loss of Culross Building is
just one example of how successive ­governments have failed to
protect the right to affordable
homes, writes Skip Murphy

LOOKING into the station... > more
Keep MRC research centre away from London targets
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Trouble on the bus with rude and selfish adults’
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Link up and stand up to bullies in schools row
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Far too many holes in the mental health service net
> more
Gang crime? Youth budgets always take a battering

THE bid by the council to employ ex-gang members to cut a swathe through the ­rising youth crime figures is a refreshing – and surprising – piece of blue-sky thinking .
But does it go far enough?
In the 1970s and early 80s, when the council had a measured... > more

Street parties are too much
- AS a Belsize Road resident I am dismayed at the intransigence of the police to a request on two consecutive... > more

More power to the petitioners
- WE have all seen how Camden Council seems to be ignoring recent petitions and continues to approve... > more

Annual Mela provides culture in the sunshine
- I SPENT the whole of Sunday at the Bangladesh Mela in Coram’s Field last weekend and... > more

Proud film
- I WENT to the Camden Town Odeon this week and saw the film Somers Town. > more

Blood money
- I WAS pleased health secretary Alan Johnson has stated that no compulsory transfer of NHS assets will be involved... > more

Fuel poverty made worse
- CAMDEN Council’s residents face steep energy price hikes, partly due to high oil prices, but also thecouncil. > more

We take youth funding and youth crime seriously
- I READ with interest two articles, one on youth clubs coming together for a concert (Youth Clubs... > more

Why do they want to take part of our courtyard?
- Carrington’s Property Management have demanded that Camden Housing hand over... > more

Why has democracy lost its way?
- I ASK myself “whatever happened to democracy?” so often these days. > more

Church of the future
- ONE of the jewels in the lovely residential ward of Cantelowes is undoubtedly Camden Square. > more

Reading Room could itself be the focus of a blockbuster
- BRIAN Sewell’s outrage at the sacrifice of the Reading Room at British Museum... > more

Age concern over a fine librarian
- AS a retired library assistant in Camden, I used to work with Jill Banerjee (Forced to retire: the librarian with... > more

Lap-dance licences for a shake-up
- ON Saturday July 26 a group of people took to Camden High Street and gathered over 100... > more

Boyish-looking politicians – we’ve been here before
- WHEN I interviewed Robert Bly, the American poet/ story-teller for the Morning Star in 1990... > more

Coal-fired, no thanks
- HUNDREDS of people concerned about climate change – many from Camden – have this week begun a protest... > more


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