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Camden New Journal - FORUM: Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 31 July 2008
‘What can I do?’ That is the question we need to hear more

While all of us are rightfully
concerned about stabbings and youth crime, we all have a role to play by supporting young people, writes Superintendent Paul Morris

WE all seem to be consumed... > more
Rights to work should not be based on a date of birth
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Reading Room ‘realism’
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Give us a Town Green
> more

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Knock-on effects of UCL academy will be positive
> more
Shameful treatment of mentally ill

IT isn’t entirely coincidental that two major pronou nce ments on the way society treats the mentally ill were published this week.
It is a wonder that there have not been more reports in recent times.
Such is the shameful way officialdom often treats vulnerable people with learning difficulties. > more

Shame on the reverend for supporting bigotry
- HOW typical of the mixed up thinking proliferated by some “people of faith” that the Reverend... > more

It’s up to believers to sort out conflicts with society - THE Rev Dr Jeremy Hobson’s article raises the question of conscientious objection. > more

No provision for disabled to park at the hospital - A REPORT by Sir Robert Naylor, chief executive of the University College London Hospitals... > more

Question about death of community association still needs an answer
- COUNCILLOR Andrew Marshall’s reply (Restoring services, July 17)... > more

Drug users to blame
- IN response to Lee Warren (Where are police for real crime? July 17), who implies that urinating in public is no big deal... > more

Abortion points are off message
- I AM sorry for Rosemary Hicks and her misguided support for MP Frank Dobson’s views in not lowering... > more

Polyclinic rumours rife as public is kept in the dark
- UNIVERSITY College London Hospital is a trust with members and a governing body. > more

Africa a continent with so much to teach us
- I WAS waiting outside Holy Cross Church in Cromer Street and began a conversation with... > more

Children losing out
- YOU reported on the continued use of the British Museum Reading Room as exhibition space until 2012 (Hidden: ... > more

Cancer jab or safer sex?
- A JULY 21 Channel 4 Dispatches programme about planned mass vaccinations for teenage girls – The Jab... > more

Not so much an Ealing Comedy, more a…
- YOUR film critic Dan Carrier has got his knickers in quite a twist by referring to Alastair Sim... > more

Ask Sport England!
- THE letter from Anne Doherty, Camden’s assistant director planning (The sports centre’s future is safe, July 24)... > more

Growing together
- I COULDN'T disagree more with Sarah Hayward (Area forum was evening of political brainwashing, July 24). > more

MRSA cut
- WHIE I was pleased to see an article reporting a positive story about our infection control record unfortu nately ... > more

Know about Christ Church?
- I WOULD be interested to hear from anyone who has access to any information on Christ Church, the church... > more

Scheme is flawed
- YOUR article (‘Be a sport, tell us what’s going on at leisure centre’, July 17) demonstrates just how Camden officers... > more


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