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Camden New Journal - FORUM: Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 17 July 2008
Wanted: a helping hand from Theatreland

With many theatres struggling to sell tickets, the refusal of West End houses to advertise Fringe productions is damaging the whole industry, writes John Plews

MANY theatres across London are struggling for audiences at the moment. > more
Backing MP Dobson over women’s abortion rights
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Time for hard choices as reality catches up with us
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Gardens question time!
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Drop academy plan now and look south to new site
> more
Have they finally learned lesson on home for new school?

UNLESS the council pulls off a piece of fancy footwork, we sense it may find itself boxed into a corner over its almost perverse attitude on the siting of a secondary school in south Camden.
So far, the council has said No, No and yet again No to any... > more

Why we’re scared of firms muscling in on NHS
- YES, you bet we’re scared, Dr Richard Smith (What are you scared of? July 10). > more

Paradise lost: now’s time to use precious shops
- PARADISE Foods of 164 Kentish Town Road featured in an article on small... > more

Schools share: council must do homework
- ROBIN Young’s letter (Perplexed, July 10) may well represent what many coming to this... > more

Address the cultural, not just knife problems
- WHEN my father was young in the 1920s he collected cereal coupons from Nestlé. > more

Exhibition celebrates the unique character of Fitzrovia
- I WRITE as a ward councillor for Bloomsbury, which includes a part of Fitzrovia. > more

Where are police for real crime? -IS this unbelievable or what? > more

- ALTHOUGH Bruce Kent has made some corrections to his earlier review of Human Smoke by Nicholson Baker... > more

On target
- A BRILLAINT effort at satire (or farce): Next to the story (Peace message at school, July 10) you show in glorious colour... > more

Axe the tax
- WHAT a crazy tax system where some over 75-year-olds who donate money by Gift Aid are penalised but where some... > more

Cheats grab disabled drivers’ parking spots
- I BELIEVE every borough should have at least one employee responsible for disabled bay parking... > more

Heading down a blind alley
- THE picture showing the proposed develop ment in front of Talacre sports centre (July 10), shows how... > more

Far from streetwise on safety
- FOLLOWING last week’s correspondence about Talacre, I enquired how the new road, 4.8 metres wide and with no... > more

Dalby Street consultations are just an expensive mistake
- WHAT local residents wonder around here is what planet the exec utives have been.. > more

It’s not about politics, it’s what’s best for all of the children
- AS a Conservative LEA governor of Edith Neville School, I am writing to assure... > more

Merger can be a positive move
- THE merging and relocation of two schools must cause legitimate concern to existing parents on many levels. > more

Despite problems, it’s still a class act
- AS a former governor, deputy chairman and chairman of the finance committee, I can confirm that... > more

History of cobbles
- REFERENCE your report (Historic cobbles are lost in Tarmac bungle July 3), the most astonishing aspect of the story must... > more

Restoring services
- I UNDERSTAND K McCarthy’s anger at the demise of West Hampstead Community Association, but the letter... > more


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