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Camden New Journal - FORUM: Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 20 March 2008
If we forget about the bomb, it could yet blow up in our faces

RIGHT from 1957, when the whole thing started, and even before the marches, there were big meetings at the house of Canon Collins in St Paul’s. > more
Book stock down 142,000
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Still time to have a say on GP out-of-hours services
> more
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Monumental budget folly
> more

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They should keep their word and reopen the Belsize branch
> more
Government must bail out the Post Office or prepare to sink

WHAT has come over the government? Is it on a suicide mission?
Doesn’t Gordon Brown, not to mention his colleagues, many of whom have that eyes-down, don’t trouble me look, realise that if they don’t bail out the Post Office and keep the threatened post offices open, they’ll deal a massive blow to... > more

Libraries are seen by all as safe places to be
- THANK you to everyone who expressed concern for the librarian involved in an unprovoked attack at Swiss... > more

Does anybody care about these beautiful trees?
SO the City of London which “looks after” Hampstead Heath and Whitestone Pond is planning... > more

All these vital services can be restored
- WHEN the parties debated the budget for the coming year, Labour’s amendments would have kept our historic... > more

Careline is good v alue for money
- IT is unfortunate that Blanche Mundlak continues to misrepresent the facts about Careline and in doing so is... > more

I’ll see Post Office in court
- THE local high street is vital to the life of most communities in London. > more

Smoked on
- EILEEN Earnshaw says: “Perhaps, by giving up, I may have added perhaps five years to my life span but, at 81, do I really want to?”... > more

Extra 25p
- I'M not an immigrant on benefits or an MP claiming expenses. > more

- MY elderly aunt lives in Camden and I am very worried about... > more

Snapping brutality?
- I HAVE just read with interest the letter from Abdul Salam (March 6) where he gives high praise to the drone who stopped him... > more

Information of takeover
- I AM a long-time president of the Camden Road surgery and was appalled to get a letter in January informing me that... > more

Arrogance concerning our NHS
- ON Wednesday I chaired a meeting of local campaigners concerned about the primary care trust’s plans... > more

United against United
- ENOUGH is enough! Spain owns our major airports, Germany owns our water, we have to buy our electricity from France and our... > more

Walk-in scrutiny
- DOES the Camden health scrutiny committee not scrutinise major healthcare changes if they affect only vulnerable people? > more

What is a polyclinic?
- IT seems to me essential at this time that the Camden Primary Care Trust should define and publicise what it means by a “polyclinic”. > more

Fight for Fitzrovia
- NOHO vs Fitzrovia. Maybe I’m a bit slow on the uptake, but are Camden Council really that poor that they have to sell out all... > more

Shop vote
- I CANNOT believe people are complaining about a H&M opening in Camden, I think it is great and so does my 17 year old son. > more

- THREE opinions in the New Journal (March 13) provide a fascinating comparison. > more

A cheap promise?
- IT is good news that the government has now promised to fund a new secondary school south of Euston Road, and particularly that this... > more

‘Pick up a bike’
AS a “commuter” who uses Euston with the handy corner shop and cabbies’ café just around the corner in Eversholt Street... > more


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