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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 18 October 2007
Behind the strikes, a big issue: must everything turn a profit?

Mail workers are in the front line of a continuing battle over how the Post Office should be run. Tony Benn believes that what is at stake is nothing less than a test of our society

LET us be absolutely clear... > more
Save home care and meals service from privatisation
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Bob, a fitting memorial
> more
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No faith in councillors to protect children’s future
> more

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Confirmation academy consultation is a sham
> more
Is Haverstock now a business commodity?

BIT by bit too many public services are being allowed to slip into private hands, even though arguments that the free market is best – heard so loudly in the 1990s – are now being questioned.
Now, in Camden this week comes news – uncomfortable to ... > more

Citizens’ questions on Safer Neighbourhoods
- THE jointly authored letter by the current chair of Haverstock Safer Neighbourhood Panel Simon Horvat-Marcovic... > more

So why not concrete over Regent’s Park?
- I 'DON'T understand why Simon Jenkins is making so much fuss about Goals Soccer Centres’ plans to concrete... > more

Remember Sunday as a day of rest?
- SUNDAY used to be a day of rest; the roads were quieter and buses were quicker and more reliable. > more

A credit to borough
- I WOULD like to add my condolences to the many that you have received at the passing of former Mayor of Camden, Bob Hall. > more

No to humiliation, but yes to ‘generous’ benefits means-testing
- I WOULD like to answer the letter you printed concerning pensions (Should pensioners... > more

Night and day waste
- HOW disappointing it is to see the external communal lighting at St Joseph’s flats in Drummond Crescent blazing out into the daylight... > more

Repairs are too costly
- I APPLAUD Councillor Roger Robinson (Talking about housing – Try listening for once, September 27) highlighting the overpriced... > more

‘Misleading’ on right-to-buy and homes for sale
- HOUSING chief Chris Naylor really doesn’t do anyone any favours by trying to pull the wool over people’s... > more

Promises on central heating
- REGARDING Chris Philp’s letter extolling the Tories’ virtues (Full story of Kiln Place, September 27) – he seems to have ignored... > more

Shine the light on menace of drug dealers
- THE Safer Neighbourhoods policy is about creating a safer environment for the entire community and involves... > more

When will we see our original Tube sign again, Ken?
- I AM angry to see that the original Tube sign from Kentish Town tube station has been removed overnight... > more

Park pitches ‘desecration’
- REGENT 'S Park is an area of outstanding beauty, enjoyed by thousands of people every day (Pitch battle over park’s... > more

Wrong site
- WHAT kind of signal does it send when the only remaining truly natural space in Regent’s Park is turned over to development for the least... > more

Our people need homes
- I HAVE always been under the impression that housing associations were formed to help people to obtain affordable... > more

Mixed message on law and order issues?
- WELL done to the New Journal for exposing the true life underbelly of Camden streets (The £1,000 a day dealer... > more

Praise where praise is due for this excellent work
- I AM amazed that Pam Gilby writes that Cllr Chris Philp has not been active in Gospel Oak Ward... > more

Real police, please…
- I REFER to the letter (Policing successes with Safer Neighbourhoods, October 11) from Simon Horvat-Marcovic and Steve... > more

My party leader was right to fall on his sword
- SO Sir Menzies Campbell has done the honourable thing, he’s fallen on his sword. > more

Bridge work
- AFTER last year’s saga of repairs to West Hampstead railway bridge and the eternal traffic jams of that time, a big hole appeared on the... > more

Early morning noise on railway line
- WE are again woken on October 13 by a bunch of contractors shouting down the railway line to each other at Lismore... > more

Results tell of policing successes
- PEOPLE have taken a lot of space in your pages in recent weeks to say not very much, but all negative, about Safer... > more


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