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Published: 5 July 2007
Can Tony Blair perform a miracle for Palestine?

By abusing the rights of the Palestinians, Israel is betraying the foundations its own state was built on, writes Sir Geoffrey Bindman

INDEPENDENT Jewish Voices has been established by a number of Jews committed to universal human rights who... > more
Slashed funding will cripple communities
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Children are ‘no longer welcome’ at our pool
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Siting new secondary was not a competition
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Time for talking about school is long overdue
> more
24-hour policing? Ken, this is just a bit of sheer bunkum

THERE are considerable achievements to Ken Livingstone’s name – an infinitely better London bus service, a welcome ratcheting-up of the share of social housing in all new builds, and a tenacious defence of the Freedom Pass. > more

Long-term strategy needed to beat gangs
- BOYS, young and in their teens, are finally coming out to practise their football skills on the pitch at St Silas... > more

At last, a life without smoke
- EILEEN Earnshaw wonders “what historians will make of July 1, 2007” (Smoking is simply part of our daily routine, June 28). > more

Please do not give up on south of the borough
- DON'T give up on a school in the south of the borough yet (School is ruled out for the south, June 28). > more

Another generation of our children will suffer isolation
- IT now seems plainly obvious that Camden Council’s so-called consultation on where to locate... > more

A public appeal could save hospital paintings
- THE four Frederick Cayley Robinson Acts of Mercy paintings (Save hospital masterpieces, June 28) were... > more

Tenants to make voices heard
- MANY council tenants and leaseholders are worried about whether their council homes are going to be sold off. > more

Let’s have an American-style yellow bus
- IN all the recent furore regarding schools’ locations, and the heated discussions regarding parking permits... > more

Why can’t they walk?
- I DRIVE to work as a car is needed for my job.I drive along Fitzjohn’s Avenue and through Hampstead which... > more

Is Franz Kafka working as a road planner?
- IS this a piece of brilliant, if not somewhat fiendish, Road Traffic Chaos Planning recalling the writings of... > more

It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease
- LOCAL governments are supposed to be modernising to bring service standards up to residents’ satisfactions... > more

Selfishness rules on the Heath
- WHILE some people fume about cycle paths on Hampstead Heath, the killing of baby swans highlights the selfishness... > more

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