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Published: 10 May 2007
Why we have to act now to keep houses in order

The Town Hall remains committed to hanging on to its council homes, but it comes at a high price, says Chris Naylor

ONE of the first things I realised when I was elected last year was what real difficulties many of our council tenants face. > more
Coalition’s estates plan is ludicrous
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Child abuse a threat to trust of our youth
> more

spacerspacer Letters
School run rules drive parents to distraction
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Daughter’s distress over delayed funeral
> more
When philistines are at the juke box, don’t expect Dvorak

ACCUSATIONS that Tony Blair ran a government of philistines – made recently by one of Britain’s leading orchestral composers, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies – are strengthened this week by a similar broadside from the eminent pianist John Lill.
In an exclusive interview with our reporter, after the rehearsals for last night’s (Wednesday) opening concert of the Hampstead and Highgate Festival... > more

Mind you don’t trip
- “SUMER is icumen in” and I was thinking about visiting a Camden green space. > more

Care home alarmism helps no one
- YOUR front page story about care charges and financial assessments for disabled and vulnerable residents was... > more

Could do better: harsh critic of academies found wanting
- FIONA Millar’s polemic on city academies, masquerading as a book review, is factually incorrect... > more

Art of matter at the hospital
- YOUR article on the future of paintings donated to the Middlesex Hospital (Hospital to put historic paintings on the market... > more

Club’s super bowls
- THE Mansfield Bowling Club in Croftdown Road has been a local facility for over 100 years. > more

Late delivering new post office
- WE would like to express our thanks to Councillors Keith Moffit and Andrew Marshall for their request to Alan Cook of Post... > more

Pick up a free compost bin
- HERE is your chance to reduce green waste going to landfill and producing methane. > more

Put barbecue ban on the backburner
- THE decision by Lib Dem councillor Flick Rea to ban barbecues is absurd, and undermines community spirit... > more

Yob culture has reached crisis point
- RESIDENTS of Haverstock ward have to live with intimidation and damage to council property and businesses on a... > more

What happened to humps promise?
- THE manifesto promise of the Lib Dem-Tory alliance in May last year was that it would install no more road... > more

Chaos at lunchtime
- SWAIN’S Lane in Highgate is a nightmare for shopkeepers, shoppers and pedestrians each weekday lunchtime, due to the... > more

I’ll never shop in Camden again
- A WHILE back I parked in Camden, and was stung for £165. > more

Recycle this paper
- MILLIONS of Londoners rely on their local newspaper for the latest news from a new bus route to the activities of safer neighbourhood... > more

A history of a Night on the Town
- I WAS interested to read Sam Jones’s review of ENO’s production of On the Town, having seen and enjoyed the musical... > more

Boot out Blair the war criminal
- TONY Blair, who calls himself a Socialist, is responsible for the greatest world disaster of modern British history. > more

Do it the USA way
- THE British in a local council situation seem less than adequate business administrators (Dalby Street Closure a recipe for... > more

Pool closure excuse
- IT'S a shame that Camden primary school children are missing out on their swimming lessons (Pool closure leaves pupils... > more
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