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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published:19 April 2007
Honour this truly great campaigner

SHAME on English Heritage for not honouring that remarkable Englishman, Michael Scott, with a blue plaque at his final residence in Primrose Hill. (Hain backs plaque honour for anti-apartheid fighter, April 12).

Can’t it recognise heroism when it stares it in the face? Though no longer a household name, Scott helped change the course of Britain’s colonial history in a determined but always non-violent way. > more
Don’t shift the blame for higher council tax
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Why parents cannot avoid the school run
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Let’s hope Ken kicks park plan into touch
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Small shops are great for our area
> more
Bring officials to heel

IF and – hopefully – when the council abandons its hopelessly ill-conceived dog control plan, an inquiry should be held into how such a ludicrous suggestion ever found its way onto a committee paper.

Whoever drafted such a sweeping piece of nonsensical local legislation should be questioned by our elected members. > more

Help football club to survive
- COUNCILLOR Stewart’s recent letter concerning the spiralling costs of the refurbishment of Kentish Town Baths has prompted... > more

Why shut the bar?
- IT was a real sadness for many of us at the council to realise that Roy Shaw would no longer be able to serve as a councillor, a role he...  > more

Bill was a hero
- REGARDING Bill Budd. Having worked for Camden for 17 years, I would like to say how much we appreciated Bill, without whom our lovely library... > more

Too loud
- THE amplification of the Kenwood concerts is an absolute disaster. > more

‘A bicycle in a park is not like a Panzer tank division’
- REGARDING the letter from Stephen Plowden (‘Heath no place for cyclists’, Letters April 12) objecting... > more

Violent youths
- I WRITE, again as a long time (22 years) resident of Malden Road and also as a single mother of a 21 year old boy and 11 year old girl in... > more

Hopscotch theatre 50th anniversary
- THIS year the Hopscotch Players Drama Group will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of their first production... > more

Lib Dems support the Freedom Pass
- I MUST write in response to last week’s letters about the Freedom Pass from Ken Livingstone and J Jordan... > more

Repulsive to turn college into flats for privileged few
- I WOULD like to support the idea of the council acquiring the St Martin’s site in Holborn for a secondary... > more

Driven up the wall
- I live on an estate where footballs constantly go crash-bash-smash against walls (Play ball, and give the kids a break, April 12)... > more

Who can you believe?
- IN a recent Camden Labour leaflet, I read that “the Lib Dems aim to scrap free bus travel for under-18s”. > more

We are powerless to object to phone mast on this roof
- BEDFORD House on Camden High Street accommodates Somerfield Supermarket with Camden... > more

Too busy to deal with us
- THREE weeks ago you kindly published my letter regarding the difficulties that residents in King’s Cross had in getting in touch with... > more

Free is great -
I WRITE with regard to your anonymous readers’ letter in the Camden New Journal criticising his/her recent hospital treatment, I assume... > more

Let dogs get on with their lives
- THE last few weeks have been crazy about innocent dog walkers being banned from enjoying exercising their dogs. > more

Why are cells in a state?
- I was interested to read your article (Police cells are ‘mouldy and old’, say inspectors, April 12) about the state of the custody suites... > more

We beat the bounds
- IN near tropical temperatures last Saturday about three dozen hardy individuals, many of them Camden officers, completed the... > more

A lot less greed would have seen better social housing
- THE planning situation at King’s Cross becomes more and more complicated. > more

Beer goose chase
- I AM doing some research on my family history and discovered that an ancestor, Alois Zugelter, according to the 1901 census, was a... > more
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