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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published:12 April 2007
Midwives have a role to play in home births

Wendy Savage believes that midwives are more than capable of overseeing uncomplicated home births

THE government policy launched last week ‘Maternity Matters’ was greeted... > more
Baths are another missed opportunity
> more

spacerspacer Letters
College would make a magnificent school
> more

spacerspacer Letters
CNJ helped us save threatened libraries
> more

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Zero council tax rise is bad news for some
> more
Face the facts on schools

WHEN it comes to a search for the site of a new secondary school in the south of the borough, the attitude of the mandarins who run our local authority seems to be: “Our minds are made up – don’t bother us with the facts!” .

A suggestion this week by a reader, a retired teacher, that the old St Martin’s College of Art buildings in Bloomsbury would make a good secondary, has been batted... > more

Why should parents be given special treatment?
- UNIVERSITY College School is holding an auction of promises on June 24, and was auctioning “the chance... > more

Take away my guarantee and endanger free travel
- COUNCILLOR Keith Moffitt is wrong to say there is no threat to the Freedom Pass ( Free bus travel is safe with us... > more

Police are doing well in the fight against street youth crime
- IN view of your recent reports as to the incidence of street crime in Camden, can I offer a word... > more

Concerts are needed
- IF concerts do resume at Kenwood then we would of course include classical concerts as part of a wider programme. > more

We need planning inquiry
- THE verdict of the judicial review on the grant of planning permission for a house in the Vale of Health must remove the last ... > more

Heath no place for cyclists
- AS a lifelong cyclist and professional transport planner, I never cease to make the case for cycling. Indeed, I believe that to make... > more

Play ball, and give the kids a break
- YOUR report on the sudden banning of ball games at Grove Place estate looks depressingly like another example of... > more

A PR exercise in democracy
- GIVEN there has been so much disagreement concerning the proposed dog control orders, I would like to know what exactly a “public... > more

We’ve had enough of mobile phones masts near our homes
- BEDFORD House on Camden High Street accommodates Somerfield Supermarket with... > more

Barges run rail very close
- WRITING as a resident of Islington, where I can pick up an issue of the Camden New Journal at the junction of Brecknock Road... > more

Don’t sell family silver
- THE report that the Royal Free is selling its family silver (March 29) makes no sense.Any Chief Executive would never sell its assets... > more

Shame to lose social centre
- SOON we will see the closure of St Joseph’s Parish Centre in Archway, one of the most popular Catholic centres in London. > more

Find your keys here
- I FOUND a set of keys in the gutter outside the corner shop on Torriano Avenue and Leighton Road on Friday. > more

What is going on with recycling?
- AS a citizen currently in Islington but of recent Camden origin, I feel aware of my ethical obligations towards recycling. > more

Tesco’s abuse of parking rules
- I PASS through Heath Street and England’s Lane every morning and most evenings. > more

They deserve our sympathy
- WHEN people think of mental health patients they automatically think of psychotic people willing to cause society harm. > more

Do you have the time to help us help the blind?
- THE Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) is the main UK charity to provide help and support to people... > more

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