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Murad Qureshi & Ken Livingstone
Wrong to suspend Mayor Ken

Murad Qureshi suggests that the Standards Board of England are way off the mark in their attempt to sanction Ken Livingstone

LONDON Mayor Ken Livingstone has worked tirelessly for Londoners; increasing the number of police on our streets... > more
The Cut

The first cut is the deepest one
spacer Music

Elixir breathes life into opera
spacer Cinema
The Weatherman

Area of depression over comedy
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Power to the people?

ARE we entering a new terrain in British politics? Is it possible that the remarks on the need for ‘localism’ by communities minister David Miliband and the report ‘Power to the People’ by Dame Helena Kennedy’s committee on democracy, amount to a sea-change by the political class that will bring politics back to the people?
It is difficult to doubt the good intentions of the Kennedy committee – capping donations to parties, state-funding local parties, limiting the cross-ownership of the media and giving more power to local authorities. > more

Edging ever closer to a police state - In the context of recent oppressive government legislation concerning ID cards and terrorism, which alters the time... > more

A misuse of power to suspend Ken - As the person who was instrumental in bringing the Anne Frank exhibition, the Anne Frank Declaration and the play about... > more

Not racist to laugh at religion - I am at a loss to understand the statement in a letter you printed last week that the “publication of anti-Islamic cartoons is racist”... > more

Living don't want to mingle with the dead - THERE is nothing hysterical or unbalanced about us not wanting to sleep next to a mortuary (Mortuary at foot of garden... > more

Kids will benefit from budget
- I am delighted that this year Camden Council’s budget will deliver significant investment for children and families in Camden. > more

Putting the record straight over King's X - Last week’s story on King’s Cross regeneration contained several misconceptions (King’s Cross could... > more

Victorian swimming baths are a reminder that all things must pass - First Lord Coe declared that the “Olympics are for young people” and now Tessa Jowell... > more

Five-year warning of school-run end - Councillor Gerry Harrison’s outburst against independent schools and their alleged lack of co-operation about school... > more

South End Green refurb is a total disaster and we are all to blame - Over the past months I have watched developments in and around South End Green... > more

Keep up pressure to save post office - I am appalled and frustrated by the news of the closure of the post office in Belsize Village scheduled for March 13. > more

Politicians have to represent us - COUNCILLOR John Mills (Don’t judge us by standards of Blair, February 16) clearly foresees that Labour is going to take a... > more
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