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The Review - FOOD & DRINK
Published: 6 March 2008
Get a little taste of the good life

Clare Latimer passes on some wholesome recipes from down on the farm

I went to Freightliners Farm in Sheringham Road the other day to buy some corn for my chickens and to my surprise I ... > more

Katana Restaurant
Katana, London WC2
spacer Modern

The Rock Garden
The Rock Garden, London, WC2
spacer Modern European
Fire and Stone
Fire & Stone, London, WC2
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Bank Aldwych Restaurant
Bank Aldwych, London, WC2
Being small is not always beautiful

The good, the bad and the ugly – how the independent high street shops are managing business

PETER Marks has been baking bread and cakes at the Alexis Bakery (272 West End Lane, NW6), since the 1980s.... > more
Sugar and spice and a flavour of paradise - BEQUIA is a little island jewel located one hour’s flight west of Barbados. It’s a perfect “rescue remedy” in the winter...>more

Something to get your pulse rate racing -
As it is meant to be the depth of winter at the moment I will give two cosy winter recipes this week; if the weather is sunny and ...>more

Tasting the ground beneath your feet
- THE annual presentation of wines by smaller, independent French winemakers arranged by Vigneron Indépendant...>more

Win your Valentine's heart with a feast of the food of love
IF you are cooking for your loved one this St Valentine’s day here’s the perfect menu. Get it right ...>more

A berry delicious way to keep those winter colds at bay - I used to feel under the weather all the time in the winter but in those days I ate badly, worked too ...>more

Old-school approach to cooking is back in classrooms at last -
THE best bit of news I have heard in years is that Prue Leith and team have persuaded the ...>more

Fruitful ideas from India to preserve for spring
- WHILE the dark days of winter are still with us I thought it would be good to make some foods that can be stored up for ...>more

Why it doesn’t have to be shell on Earth for chickens we eat
WELL, now that Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall and Jamie Oliver have come together with television ...>more

The best way to raise a glass to your health
- THE most important function of wine is to improve the taste of food and aid its digestion. Can we go beyond this and say... > more

Feeling the knead for something wholesome? - NOW the holidays are firmly behind us we can all begin the New Year with good some intentions. > more

Butternut squash – perfect for a quick and warming soup - THIS is a strange time of year. Many of us will have had a happy, family time and many will have... > more

Clear the table, there are more delights to come! - WELL the big day is over but there is still a lot of holiday ahead for some and many mouths to feed. The cold turkey... > more

Cream of Christmas markets - SPROUTS, potatoes parsnips; mince pies, Christmas puddings, and cream for the trifle – these are a few of our favourite Christmas... > more

Take a gander at a top alternative to traditional turkey - WELL, I can’t believe that we are now at the countdown to Christmas Day, with only a few days to go. > more

Waste not, want not: bubble and crumble away those leftovers - NOT only are these recipes good for your pocket but they will prevent leftover food... > more

Fruits of Languedoc – the ‘other France’ - THE staggering amount of wine produced in Languedoc – three times that of Bordeaux – and the region’s inability to... > more

For real fireworks on Guy Fawkes night, try out bangers and mash - WE were asked recently to cater for a wedding of 550 guests with only one medium-sized... > more

Time to put a cork on all this showbiz razzmatazz - WE hope that readers enjoyed the three and a half day Wine Show at the Business Design Centre in Islington. > more

Hey pesto! Just whiz up some nuts for a quick, versatile sauce - THIS week’s nutty ideas occurred to me for two reasons. First, while walking my dog on... > more

Buyers are happy going into the red for Medoc - THEY are harvesting the grapes in Bordeaux. In its premier wine-making area, the Medoc, the annual circus is... > more

Victory for the ‘metric martyr’ and a gin that’s well worth the weight - MY dear friend Boots, who is the scorer and team leader for the Scrabble club we set up... > more

A dynamic approach to organic wine production - BIODYNAMIC: its organic with knobs on and it’s a growing worldwide farming trend. > more

Down by the river... the joys of cooking up fresh veggie dishes - I WROTE about Riverford organic vegetable boxes a few years ago when they had just started... > more

Different glass! Brits are yet to taste alternatives - LLOYD Blake, the founder of Jura wines, is one of a growing number of small-scale producers and retail... > more

It’s time to try out some temptingly tasty ideas - NOW is the time of year when with luck you may have time to invent and try out new recipes...>more

Tradition at the heart of England’s Lane -
BOB Enright came to Belsize Park in 1963. He was a butcher by trade, and London at that time had lots of establishments...>more

Great traditions won’t be shelved by producers
- NONE of these Lebanese, French, Georgian or Italian wines (see panel) can...>more

Rhone’s value won’t send you into the red - ASTUTE lovers of a drop of the red stuff, searching for a bargain, look to the Rhone valley for credible... > more

A renaissance for Hungarian wines -
YET again we discovered excellent wines, as usual most are not available in London. Made by small producers, such... > more

Let a sunny egg yolk brighten up your mealtimes
- EVER since I started keeping chickens in London I have become much more fussy about the colour... > more

Supermarkets and the price of wines - THE Competition Commission’s inquiry into supermarket power and its effects on food and drink retailing has issued... > more

Pudding on the style this Christmas - Having just made hundreds of Christmas puddings to sell I feel I should let you have the recipe in case you feel like... more >>

Michael's taste test - ENGLISH wine writing is focused more on individual preference than on how wines are produced or the... more >>

Mix and match if you are nuts about nuts - There is certainly an autumn aroma in the air now and that gives me the image of country lanes, leaves turning a rich... more >>

It's wine-making as it should be - WE arranged a tasting of wines from south-west France in July for the... more >>

It's all coming up rosés in the heat - THE recent hot weather raises the question of what we can safely drink. As a diuretic, alcohol contributes to dehydration...more >>

Cool delights to go with your Spanish mains - I have always had a great affection for Spain ever since my godmother went over there and opened...more >>

Treats for us stay-at-homes
- A GREAT many people have flown their nests for August but for the ones of us left here it is a glorious time as London becomes... more >>

Serge’s wines from the war-torn Bekaa Valley
- SERGE Hochar is used to war. Since he took over his father’s Bekaa valley vineyard in 1959 there have been six... more >>

A taste of the great outdoors
- AL fresco eating is always fun. Make the effort to get the BBQ smouldering as the good weather won’t last forever and you will... more >>

Kidding around with holiday food
- SO few children are interested in cooking these days and this is partly due to the fact that families don’t make time to cook... more >>

A story in (nearly) every wine bottle
- INDEPENDENT wine merchants have had a rough time as supermarkets have encroached on their trade. more >>

A berry nice time to pick your own fresh fruit and veg
- THERE is an abundance of homegrown summer fruit and vegetables in... more >>

Remembering the great chef Carrier
- Robert Carrier died on June 27. His heyday was my beginning and who better to guide me into a culinary world than... more >>

Global production hits the independents - THE American wine company E&J Gallo was until recently the largest wine maker in the world. more >>

Strawberry fields forever... -  With the Wimbledon finals coming up this weekend I think I will have to hit on the strawberry theme. more >>

The turbulent state of Australian wine - YET again wine is in the news. The TV and newspapers all carry stories on the plight of European winemakers. more >>

Kim has a sweet thing going on - THE bewildering display of multi-coloured glass jars stuffed with aniseed balls and palma violets, flying saucers and cola... more >>

Why not give Rabbit a try - A GIRLFRIEND and I decided to spoil ourselves and indulge in a really special pampering evening with good food. Where to go? more >>

A few tips on cooking tasty asparagus - IF you want to buy anything from herbs to electricity then get down to Regent’s Park on June 4 for the Green Festival...more >>

Bootlegging and the American Dream - The history of American wine has been a heroic struggle to produce anything drinkable, marked by the conflict between... more >>

Oh la la, Queen’s Crescent finds a French selection - QUEEN’S Crescent has always been my favourite market, particularly in the 80s... more >>

Between a rock and a hard place - WINE-MAKING has changed. Today’s wine market is part of a globalised industry. Thanks to skillful supermarket wine buyers... more >>

Fine and simple ways for healthy pan-fried fish - WELL, in my mind one of the most exciting things to happen in Primrose Hill in the last few years is the opening... more >>

Push the season forward with a rhubarb delight - WALKING round the a Farmers’ Market on Sunday I noticed some lovely fresh cauliflowers and also fresh... more >>

Put a spring in your step the fruity way - WITH spring peeping from behind those snow-laden clouds I have decided to go a bit healthy this week. more >>

Supermarket specials - SUPERMARKET Wine Rules OK wrote Jane McQuitty in the Times recently. She was responding to comments made in this column... more >>

Cookin' up South African sunshine - I AM lucky enough to have just come back from a wonderful restful holiday in South Africa. more >>

Choccy delights for choccyholics - I CAN’T believe that I have not mentioned chocolate in any recipe this year and as a chocoholic I’m feeling withdrawal symptoms. more >>

Veggie specials for feeding hungry guests - I WAS walking down Regent’s Park Road the other day outside Sesame Health Food shop and a neighbour... more >>

A flipping fabulous feast before Lent - SHROVE Tuesday is the last “fling” before Lent. For a great many of us that does not mean too much – me included...more >>

Root out those jars, it's marmalade time - Grab some Sevilles and get a fresh batch of your favourite preserve on the go, says Clare Latimer. more >>

Blanc is back on the shelf again - Sauvingnon Blanc almost disappeared from the supermarket shelves – but now it’s back. more >>

Icing on the cake for a lovers' feast - This Valentine’s Day spell out just how much you love your amour, says Clare Latimer... more >>

Goodbye Chardonnay, or is it merely au-revoir? - Once much-loved, Chardonnay has now seemingly fallen out of favour with wine-drinkers... more >>

A pair of great Oriental dishes - It's Chinese New Year – so what better time to get out the wok and spice things up? asks Clare Latimer...more >>

George 'The Coffeeman' will fill you full of beans - Buy your coffee from George Constaninou and you’ll never tire of the daily grind writes Charlotte Chambers...more >>
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