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The Review - FOOD & DRINK
Published: 19 April 2007
Savoury treat and a special apple parcel

Clare Latimer shares a nibble of some of her friends’ recipes

A VERY friendly smiling woman called Pam drops my Camden New Journal safely through my door each week. We have become good friends and often talk about recipes. She told me of her favourite so... > more

Katana Restaurant
Katana, London WC2
spacer Modern

The Rock Garden
The Rock Garden, London, WC2
spacer Modern European
Fire and Stone
Fire & Stone, London, WC2
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Bank Aldwych Restaurant
Bank Aldwych, London, WC2
A retrospective of 18 months in wine

Our wine column has now been going for 18 months so what have we learned and what general picture can we offer?

RATHER than giving a single answer to this question, we’ll give you two. The first, this week, is optimistic. The second, in a... > more

A renaissance for Hungarian wines -
YET again we discovered excellent wines, as usual most are not available in London. Made by small producers, such... > more

Let a sunny egg yolk brighten up your mealtimes
- EVER since I started keeping chickens in London I have become much more fussy about the colour... > more

Supermarkets and the price of wines - THE Competition Commission’s inquiry into supermarket power and its effects on food and drink retailing has issued... > more

Pudding on the style this Christmas - Having just made hundreds of Christmas puddings to sell I feel I should let you have the recipe in case you feel like... more >>

Michael's taste test - ENGLISH wine writing is focused more on individual preference than on how wines are produced or the... more >>

Mix and match if you are nuts about nuts - There is certainly an autumn aroma in the air now and that gives me the image of country lanes, leaves turning a rich... more >>

It's wine-making as it should be - WE arranged a tasting of wines from south-west France in July for the... more >>

It's all coming up rosés in the heat - THE recent hot weather raises the question of what we can safely drink. As a diuretic, alcohol contributes to dehydration...more >>

Cool delights to go with your Spanish mains - I have always had a great affection for Spain ever since my godmother went over there and opened...more >>

Treats for us stay-at-homes
- A GREAT many people have flown their nests for August but for the ones of us left here it is a glorious time as London becomes... more >>

Serge’s wines from the war-torn Bekaa Valley
- SERGE Hochar is used to war. Since he took over his father’s Bekaa valley vineyard in 1959 there have been six... more >>

A taste of the great outdoors
- AL fresco eating is always fun. Make the effort to get the BBQ smouldering as the good weather won’t last forever and you will... more >>

Kidding around with holiday food
- SO few children are interested in cooking these days and this is partly due to the fact that families don’t make time to cook... more >>

A story in (nearly) every wine bottle
- INDEPENDENT wine merchants have had a rough time as supermarkets have encroached on their trade. more >>

A berry nice time to pick your own fresh fruit and veg
- THERE is an abundance of homegrown summer fruit and vegetables in... more >>

Remembering the great chef Carrier
- Robert Carrier died on June 27. His heyday was my beginning and who better to guide me into a culinary world than... more >>

Global production hits the independents - THE American wine company E&J Gallo was until recently the largest wine maker in the world. more >>

Strawberry fields forever... -  With the Wimbledon finals coming up this weekend I think I will have to hit on the strawberry theme. more >>

The turbulent state of Australian wine - YET again wine is in the news. The TV and newspapers all carry stories on the plight of European winemakers. more >>

Kim has a sweet thing going on - THE bewildering display of multi-coloured glass jars stuffed with aniseed balls and palma violets, flying saucers and cola... more >>

Why not give Rabbit a try - A GIRLFRIEND and I decided to spoil ourselves and indulge in a really special pampering evening with good food. Where to go? more >>

A few tips on cooking tasty asparagus - IF you want to buy anything from herbs to electricity then get down to Regent’s Park on June 4 for the Green Festival...more >>

Bootlegging and the American Dream - The history of American wine has been a heroic struggle to produce anything drinkable, marked by the conflict between... more >>

Oh la la, Queen’s Crescent finds a French selection - QUEEN’S Crescent has always been my favourite market, particularly in the 80s... more >>

Between a rock and a hard place - WINE-MAKING has changed. Today’s wine market is part of a globalised industry. Thanks to skillful supermarket wine buyers... more >>

Fine and simple ways for healthy pan-fried fish - WELL, in my mind one of the most exciting things to happen in Primrose Hill in the last few years is the opening... more >>

Push the season forward with a rhubarb delight - WALKING round the a Farmers’ Market on Sunday I noticed some lovely fresh cauliflowers and also fresh... more >>

Put a spring in your step the fruity way - WITH spring peeping from behind those snow-laden clouds I have decided to go a bit healthy this week. more >>

Supermarket specials - SUPERMARKET Wine Rules OK wrote Jane McQuitty in the Times recently. She was responding to comments made in this column... more >>

Cookin' up South African sunshine - I AM lucky enough to have just come back from a wonderful restful holiday in South Africa. more >>

Choccy delights for choccyholics - I CAN’T believe that I have not mentioned chocolate in any recipe this year and as a chocoholic I’m feeling withdrawal symptoms. more >>

Veggie specials for feeding hungry guests - I WAS walking down Regent’s Park Road the other day outside Sesame Health Food shop and a neighbour... more >>

A flipping fabulous feast before Lent - SHROVE Tuesday is the last “fling” before Lent. For a great many of us that does not mean too much – me included...more >>

Root out those jars, it's marmalade time - Grab some Sevilles and get a fresh batch of your favourite preserve on the go, says Clare Latimer. more >>

Blanc is back on the shelf again - Sauvingnon Blanc almost disappeared from the supermarket shelves – but now it’s back. more >>

Icing on the cake for a lovers' feast - This Valentine’s Day spell out just how much you love your amour, says Clare Latimer... more >>

Goodbye Chardonnay, or is it merely au-revoir? - Once much-loved, Chardonnay has now seemingly fallen out of favour with wine-drinkers... more >>

A pair of great Oriental dishes - It's Chinese New Year – so what better time to get out the wok and spice things up? asks Clare Latimer...more >>

George 'The Coffeeman' will fill you full of beans - Buy your coffee from George Constaninou and you’ll never tire of the daily grind writes Charlotte Chambers...more >>
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