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Camden New Journal - Forum: Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 3 September 2009
Confused sexualisation by the media

Jacqueline Castles’ letter saying breastfeeding in public impinges on others’ human rights provoked a widespread and mainly unfavourable response

JACQUELINECastles’s fear of being morally molested by a pair of rogue... > more
Grafton Road closure raises cash but cuts accidents too
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Liberal Democrats do not represent estate’s interest
> more
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Overground trains are like cattle trucks
> more
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We have to sell some homes
> more
Why obfuscate library reform plan with management-speak?

NATURALLY, Flick Rea, who runs the borough’s libraries, is a cheer-leader for the sweeping reforms, apparently, destined for this hallowed service.
An imaginative and reforming councillor of many years’ service, we would expect nothing less. > more

Auction of flats for a pittance is a disgrace
- THE auction of flats in my ward –the one in Levita House and the one at Winsham, Churchway estate, both for about... > more

Councillors asleep on the job
- THE Save All Our Homes campaign exists to prevent up to 215 decent families being bulldozed out of their homes on the... > more

No need for leaf-blowers in our parks
- THE use of leaf-blowers and vehicles in parks, such as Waterlow, not only disturbs the peace and quiet but is a threat... > more

Migrants’ suffering
- READING Peter Beresford Ellis’s review of my book, The Irish in Post-war Britain (Review, August 13), made me question the old saying... > more

Stop-and-search powers and political harassmen
- AS Councillor Abdul Hai rightly says, anti-terror powers have become “a way of police stopping people... > more

Not a champion… yet
- I FEATURED in the New Journal (August 27), after your photographer came to my school on results day. > more

The ‘white knight’ motorcyclist who made our day
- MY wife and I hope this letter will be seen by a motorcycling “white knight” who came to our aid near Camden... > more

Diminishing returns
- ARE there any other council estates in Camden having their communal gardens sectioned off by tenants for private use? > more

Post office time warp
- IF Camden Town post office is an improvement to services, I could not find any evidence of it. > more

The future of history
- READING in the New Journal about the changes that the council is planning to make to the libraries, I am wondering what is going to happen... > more

Club 43
- IN spite of the recent death of its organiser, Club 43, founded in 1943 by German-Jewish refugees will reopen on September 7 at 7.45pm in Belsize... > more

Veal cruelty
- PEOPLE who disapprove of the cruelty involved in the live export of calves at a time when they should be suckling, could help by buying British... > more


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