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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 12 March 2009
Campaign for our secondary school has a long way to go

Now is the time to redouble efforts to secure a new school south of Euston Road, argues activist Emma Jones

PARENTS living south of Euston Road will welcome Camden Council’s... > more
No stopping route 393
> more
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Tenant movement must carry on Alan’s campaign
> more
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Coalition dragging their feet on rent reductions
> more
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Some ‘baby buggies’ are built like 4x4s and should be banned
> more
Alan Walter: a life dedicated to the dream of social housing

IF a large-scale council housing programme starts up again in Britain it will largely be due to the efforts of one man, an extraordinary activist from Kentish Town, Alan Walter.
A man who believed to the core – wisely or not – that the efforts of the individual mattered less than those of the collective, Alan shunned any form... > more

Post office protests galore but our politicians are failing us
- THE latest New Journal featured two eloquent testimonies to the decline of our postal... > more

One-off opportunity for education funding must not be missed
- AS a supporter of the campaign for a new secondary school south of Euston Road... > more

Can you help us to provide even more special days?
- TEN years ago this year my wife and I set up a charity to help 16- to 40-year-olds living with... > more

Why have faith in education?
- THANKS for your article on the expansion plans of Emmanuel Church of England School. > more

Why the scorched-earth policy on tree pruning?
- I WAS interested in C Graham’s letter (March 5) about the annual severe pruning of trees in Lady... > more

Will GP upheaval lose us lifesavers?
- UNITEDHEALTH who now run the Camden Road Surgery summoned patients to be consulted on how to... > more

A fashion road block
- WHAT bright spark decided to hold a fashion show at the Old Dairy in Wakefield Street, WC1 (Mood sours over dairy fashion... > more

Oh Mandy
- LORD Mandelson recently accused workers in Lincolnshire... > more

Joan’s bite
- IT was interesting to see in Ruth Gorb’s article how busy Dame Joan Bakewell has been recently (March 5). > more

Rude shock at bus stop
- RECENTLY I was waiting for a 46 bus in Royal College Street.
Three people like myself had sticks and one man had two. > more

At the flicks
- FURTHER to Janet Richardson’s letter (Priced out, March 5), three of us turned up at the Everyman cinema on Haverstock... > more


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