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Camden New Journal - FORUM: Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 24 July 2008
Why we must protect rights of this modern day ‘conchie’

Lillian Ladele followed a long
history of conscientious objectors who have stood up for their rights when she refused to conduct civil
partnership ceremonies, writes Rev Dr Jeremy Hobson

DON'T get me wrong, it must be a very hard thing to be the government. Local or national, the job of making decisions and bringing about “progress” is an unenviable task. Just ask Islington Council, whose plans to force all of their registrars to... > more
All governors deserving of warm tribute from school
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Preventing youth crime
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Both schools to lose out
> more

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Well done to police for community approach
> more
The miracle cure in a poisoned chalice

THE miracle cure for so-called dole and benefit scroungers – the blueprint the minister James Purnell unveiled on Monday – has been given gung-ho headlines, especially in the tabloids.
It is bound to affect thousands of people in Camden, and elsewhere.
They are soon to discover that while they are... > more

Heath swimmers owe much to John Stephenson
- IT is with great regret that I and other members of the Mixed Pond Action Group learned of... > more

In the 1970s the whole area was buzzing with ideas
- GILLIAN Arnold makes a good point (Address the cultural, not just knife problems... > more

The sports centre’s future is safe
- CAMDEN Council can reassure Sport England and all New Journal readers that the future of... > more

It’s unrealistic to call for wage restraint as prices rise
- AS John Mills says, financial services have boomed over the years and it’s been at the... > more

Area forum was evening of political brainwashing
- WHAT purpose do the council’s area forums serve? > more

Did they realise the association was facing a crisis?
- IN response to K McCarthy’s letter (Regeneration and the death of a community association... > more

Tree care
- I APPLAUD Camden Council’s planning and licensing team for working so diligently to protect and preserve my local environment. > more

Face- to-face on the buses
- METROLINE'S route controller for the C11, Steven Goodwin has hit upon one of the great truths of business... > more

Helping Mugabe
- ROBERT Mugabe has been punished for his land reform with severe economic sanctions for nearly 10 years. > more

Case shows duplicity and muddle of retirement law
- YOUR article about Jill Banerjee – the “face of Camden’s libraries” – points up well the... > more

The right to a job
- UNDER the Employment Equality Age Regulations 2006, which our Parliament rubber-stamped in March 2006 and which... > more

Advice work goes on
- THANKS to loyal supporters who turned out on a rainy Friday evening to attend the Camden Town Neighbourhood... > more

The need for access
- CAMPAIGNING to have an alternative entrance to the new King’s Cross development, by extending Wharfdale Road... > more

No loss of playground
- FURTHER to your article (Pupils would lose third of their playground space, July 10), I wanted to write... > more

A bridge too much?
- MORE than 70 people turned out to a public meeting next door to King’s Cross station where residents and workers in... > more

- FURTHER to the Edith Neville debate, I also worked... > more


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