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Camden New Journal - FORUM: Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 13 March 2008
We don’t want to be privatised, what we want is a fairer Maiden

Controversial proposals aimed at improving the Maiden Lane estate have repercussions for social housing across the borough, argue Kate Purcell and Rachel Zatz

THE Maiden Lane estate is... > more
Leaf machine has been a blow for ‘Sonic’ hedgehog
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Accepting the lowest bid could be disaster for care
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Post office closure will hit the most needy among us
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Only the really wealthy will be able to live here
> more
Auction sell-off bungle still makes uncomfortable reading

IT must have been uncomfortable, admittedly, for the power-holders at the Town Hall to read our exposure last week of how a deaf woman had discovered through our columns that her home had been auctioned off.

It couldn’t have been a pretty story for them to digest.> more

Sizing up the options for a new school in borough’s south
- EDUCATION Secretary Ed Balls has made it quite clear he believes Camden needs to... > more

How to keep youth out of terrorists’ arms
- I HAVE been thinking about the contrasting cases of Prince Harry and the young British Asian would-be... > more

We will only sell off empty homes
- I HAVE to say I found last week’s front page article – ‘They sold my home’ bombshell – quite unacceptable... > more

Call centre is no answer
- I WAS delighted to read Andrew Lisicki’s concern about Careline in the CNJ (March 6). > more

Am I an old problem?
- I ENTIRELY agree with Mr Lisicki (Letters, March 6). > more

Praise for a real fair cop
- MANY readers will have been heartened by Abdul Salam’s letter (March 6) in which he praised the sensitive way in... > more

Green party! Thanks to supporters up our street
- ON behalf of the residents, users and friends of Little Green Street, a big thankyou to the people... > more

Is it too taxing to turn up for budget meeting?
- I WAS amazed to see that two of Belsize’s three Liberal Democrat councillors failed to turn up last week for... > more

Haven’t we learned academy lessons?
- CONGRATUALTIONS to Frank Dobson and the campaigning parents for getting the government to listen... > more

Libraries booked up
- IT’S a pity the Camden New Journal chose to overlook the fact that Camden’s libraries are flourishing and are the top three... > more

I Wasteful operation
- WHAT has happened to democracy, local accountability, prudent financial management and treasuring our heritage? > more

Health services are undermined by decision
- IT is said the decision by the Camden PCT to contract some GP services has been taken in good faith... > more

Noho? No way. Let’s call the hospital flats Nightingale Square
- AS a Camden resident for more than 30 years, I am shocked and saddened to learn of... > more


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