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Published: 3 January 2008
Positive signs for deaf school, but we have to secure its future

Plans to close the award-winning Frank Barnes School could be scrapped if we show we truly care about special needs education, writes Councillor Adrian Oliver

YOU would have thought... > more
Crush Town Hall egos, not residents’ vehicles
> more

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Vulnerable groups need good, accessible services
> more
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Simply a diluted remedy based on crank theory
> more

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Somers Town streets are too narrow for tram link
> more
The resolution that Gordon has got to keep

HAPPY New Year Gordon Brown. But, just a word of warning, millions of needy families are pinning their hopes on you not breaking your resolutions on an issue that will not go away.
The Prime Minister has uttered many encouraging words on... > more

Passengers can use cameras on the buses
- THERE is nothing in the Public Vehicles Act (1981) or the Conduct Regulations (1991) which makes... > more

Park games are not much fun for people who live nearby
AROUND three years ago, between Camden Council and the National Grid, it was... > more

There is sufficient space in our parks for centuries of burials
- YOUR lead story highlighting the shortage of graves (Cemeteries ‘full up in 10 years... > more

Beyond Christmas
- WHILE more people shopped on the internet than attended church this Christmas, there can be no doubt that Britain still has... > more

Unkind cuts
- CONCERNING the attack on the old and vulnerable through cuts in order to cap the council tax, it’s true New Labour has let us all down... > more

How to find a crushed BMW?
- HMMMM. I am entirely prepared to believe that Camden Council could be quite this incompetent and lacking in any sense... > more

CCTV plea
- I HOPE people can be informed about crime and that cameras should be placed around the area of Swiss Cottage or at least have more... > more

In the dog house again
- THE stupidity of people never fails to amaze me. > more

Fears over identity card claims
- STATE officials will have the most detailed picture of your private life, including your use of banking, commercial... > more

Scheme no safeguard against terror
- THERE'S little doubt we’re about to suffer a very painful economic downturn in the coming year. > more

Feeling sick about the right to strike?
- POLICE officers in England who are demanding the right to strike show the stolid lack of imagination of their... > more

Is an eco-warrior role what we really need?
- ALEXIS Rowell (Seeking a Solution over School for Deaf Children, December 27) states that he... > more

Fox demonstrates nature red in tooth and claw
- YOUR cover headline (Fowl Play! Killer Fox on Camera, December 20) leads into a page 3 story about... > more

Inspiration of Benazir
- BENAZIR Bhutto was a great supporter of Blue Sky Network’s work to improve the world we live in, wherever that might be! > more

The No 393 route extension is useful and an obvious choice
- THIS is to support the recent extension of the bus route from Caledonian Road to Chalk Farm. > more


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