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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published:13 December 2007
London Diocese schools score way above the national average

It is not too late to hold an open competition to decide who is best placed to run Camden’s new secondary school, argues Tom Peryer

LEAKING memos intended only for a few eyes is a mean trick to play – but it does add to the fun and gaiety of nations... > more
Centre faces £7,000 bill
> more

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Bias against the C of E?
> more
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Action needed on trustees
> more

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Real waste of public land
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Don’t blame the bookkeepers, they were hired to teach

IT is not surprising that senior schools in Camden are in financial trouble.

In the past when councils effectively ran schools financially, head teachers and senior colleagues could sit back and let them get on with it while they did what they were trained to do best – teach. > more

Breaking the consensus on education - YOUR revelations about the true motivations of Councillor John Bryant (Leak reveals school plot to win... > more

Take a shower – some time next year
- MY parents, aged 76 and 78, have lived in the same flat on the St Pancras Way estate for 44 years, always... > more

Other god
- HOW can Simon Wroe (It’s no Zen garden centre as burglars bag Buddha statues, November 29) justify the expression “the pot-bellied... > more

Dog house
- MOST attack dogs within Camden are “kenneled” within social housing flats… my own housing association, St Pancras & Humanist insist ... > more

Less CO2
- READING Ken Livingstone’s letter (Take action now to cut out the wasteful use of plastic bags, November 29) prompted me to write... > more

In search of people who used to live in the Stanley Buildings - I USED to live in Stanley Buildings but moved away from Camden. > more

We have found English Heritage a poor champion
- I SUPPORT Peter Richardson commenting on Paddy Pugh’s Forum article about Smithfield... > more

This could be the greatest monument to electioneering
- THANKS to the leaked memo (New Journal, December 6) from Liberal Democrat councillor... > more

The south loses out
- IT appears that there has been some political spin put on the opening of the new secondary school in Camden. > more

Academy good news
- THE confirmation of University College London as sponsor for Camden’s new academy is brilliant news for the future of... > more

Wanted – leisure and social space
- GORDON Brown and the medical consortium planning to build a research centre on the British Library... > more

Open up skatepark
- AFTER years of campaigning and fundraising, Cantelowes Garden skatepark opened in the summer of 2007 and immediately... > more


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