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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published:1 November 2007
The character and future of Regent’s Park is now at risk

Plans to redevelop a significant part of Regent’s Park are neither necessary nor justified, says Richard Simpson

REGENT’S Park is designated as Metropolitan Open Land, and as such... > more
Crown & Goose is under threat from developers
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Housing Patrol service is lined up for privatisation
> more
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We need more housing – and from the right source
> more

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Vulnerable left unable to pay for heating or food
> more
If the state of prisons is the judge of a nation, we are failing

A NATION can be judged by the way it treats its prisoners, observed Winston Churchill.

Whether this profound observation crossed the mind of Mr Justice Mackay last week while deliberating on the tragic case of Ryan St George we shall not know... > more

Dog owners are danger to swans
- I WAS very sorry to hear about the death of the female swan at Kenwood Lake on October 6. > more

Service cuts are hitting elderly
- MORE cuts in essential services hit many people in the borough, most particularly the elderly. They now have to pay for... > more

Beautiful fish should be allowed to live in peace
- YOUR articles have driven me to write to you regarding fishing on the Heath (Threat to wildlife and It was at... > more

In fear of means-test
- JOHN Gulliver’s article on the old lady who lives in fear of Camden Council and also the letter (Care means-test amounts to a loss... > more

Forum for debate
- I DON'T agree with the dispiritingly negative view of your previous correspondent regarding the Camden Area Forums... > more

Many volunteers eager to help in setting up the youth council
- WE were very disappointed to read the article (In the dark over youth council... > more

Day centre helps people to survive in wider world
- AS readers will know, one of the handful of mental health day centres funded by Camden Council... > more

Fostering was about me wanting to give back
- AS the foster carer of a lovely little boy who was placed with me through Camden Council’s fostering... > more

Who uses the park?
- COUNCILLOR Nash Ali’s throw-away remark on Regent’s Park, “…the majority of users are tourists” (October 25) is a total nonsense. > more

Wrong on academy
- AN open letter to Liberal Democrat councillors. > more

Some properties are no longer viable for affordable rents
- I HAVE read with interest the comments from your reader Vivian Murphy (Our people need... > more

Recycling hits problems with overflows
- SINCE the council no longer collects recycling bags from the residents of many housing blocks across the borough... > more

Recycling hits problems with overflows
- RUBY Betts from Poole and all the Betts family send their kind thoughts and best wishes to Ryan and David... > more

Outstanding issues for Isokon tenants
- THANK you for writing your article (The mysterious demise of Isokon, August 30) highlighting the repair... > more

Dogs first?
- I APPRECIATE the affection one has for man’s best friend, but surely it is taking matters to the extreme when the ratepayers have to... > more

Class and education
- IN the letter (All have the right to a first-class education, October 25) it’s outrageous for P Wagland to classify “working class” as... > more

No 393 ok
- IN reference to the survey of the No 393 bus (Letters, October 25), I hear nothing but praise for the route. > more


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